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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

A crib, a boast and a loopy bridge!

[crib] Today has been a bit more hectic than normal. One member of our project team resigned and my boss thought it fit to ask me to takeover the responsibilities from that person who resigned. This meant a series of meetings in the afternoon as I was handed over the charge of 4-5 new tasks. And as if this wasn't enough, the formal handover process would last another week at least... which means some more hectic times ahead! [/crib]

... a crib followed by a little bit of boasting!...

[brag] All these new responsibilities and the offer to lead the team sounds good... especially since I'm the newest member of the project team and I've been chosen over the existing, more experienced people in the team! I guess that has something to do with the outstanding rating that I recently got in my annual performance appraisal!! *nose lifted high in the air* [/brag]

... now for the spoiler!

[spoiler] Leading a team and all means zilch in our project team since we are a R&D kind of a project with a hierarchy-less structure and everybody having to put his/her nose to the grindstone and slog their asses off without exception! [/spoiler]

Well... that was just me being a royal bore... trying to blow my own trumpet!! (but then... if we had a trumpet, why wouldn't we blow it?! ... I mean its no use having a trumpet and keeping it unused and going about borrowing trumpets from others just to blow them!) :-|

Not much today from my side! (hmmm... I can hear a few exclamations of "Thank God!" from the people who found my previous post to be very long and boring!)

Ok... but just before I go... here's a bridge that I wouldn't mind crossing! ;-) ... http://www.freewebs.com/supersam5/images/scenic4.jpg

Fancy a ride across it?!

Ok... on that note... I put on the One ring and disappear!!



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