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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Corn Club!

Feel like having some corn flavoured humour??...

Well... I give you no choice! ... here some of the PJs (groaners) that my twisted mind has been able to conceive!...

Q. Why do the local trains in Mumbai give such a good performance?
Ans. With 9 coaches, you HAVE to perform well!!

another one... read this patiently...
There is this man who has a brother. Now, this brother falls in love with a female and gets married even though there is a lot of opposition in the family to their marriage. Everyone disowns the brother... everyone except our man!
It so happens that the brother's wife gives birth to a girl. Everyone is happy... even the family that had once disowned the brother. Our guy becomes the godfather of the little girl. Then years pass and the girl grows up to be a beautiful woman. And inevitably falls in love with a guy from her college. There is a sense of déja vu as the entire family goes against this match. Again, everyone except our guy disowns the girl. The family members constantly taunt and harass the girl on the subject of her affair with the guy from her college. The girl suffers all these taunts silently till one day she can't take it anymore. She attempts suicide by eating a lot of sleeping pills. Thankfully, our guy finds her fallen on the living room floor and rushes her to a nearby hospital. The doctors toil hard and bring the girl out of danger. They congratulate the guy on his promptness because otherwise it would have been too late.
Now, the girl is resting on the hospital bed and our guy is outside the room, sitting on a bench looking awfully crestfallen. Just then he sees a world famous lead singer of a very famous group, passing by... a group that is one of the girl's favourite!... Our guy has an idea... he requests the the singer to go and meet the girl to cheer her up. After a little persuasion the singer agrees. He goes inside the room and after a few minutes, comes back. Then that world famous singer, tells the guy that the girl is okay and happy now. The singer also starts singing a song.
Hearing the song, our guy nods and says "Yes!".
...Now... I've told you all so much... you just have to tell me who is that singer and what song did he sing??
Ans. The singer was Mick Jagger ... and the song that he sang was... "Fallin' in love is so hard on your niece... "

*LOL*... don't you just want to hit me!! ;)

Ok... here's another!...
Once there were three good friends, Tom , Dick and Harry. They had a peculiar habit... that of going to a movie first day, first show every week. And they always without fail went to the movies together... all the three of them! So, now what happens is that this week they decide to go and watch the hottest release of the week. But this time, there seems to be a weird problem. All the three can't go together. Only two of them can go to the movie. So, to decide who should go to the movie, they draw lots. It so happens that Tom and Harry are selected to go to the movie while Dick is left all alone. Tom and Harry go and watch the movie!... So, can you guess which movie it was???
Ans. The movie is 'Company'!! ... and the reason why just the two of them went to watch it is that everybody knows that... "Two's Company and three's a crowd!!!"

Q. Why won't a married guy use Colgate Fresh Energy Gel toothpaste?
Ans. Bcos once u use that toothpaste... har saas bole... talk to me!! ... (saas : mother-in-law) ;)

... Ok Ok... last one for the moment!!...

Take care of ur hair 2de! ... wash 'em... oil 'em... comb 'em... perm 'em... colour 'em... in short... pamper 'em!!... why?.. you ask!!
Ans. 'coz 2de is Baal Din!!! ;-p




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