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Saturday, November 09, 2002

The Big Day... the inside scoop!

Ok... so here it is!! ... the story of the evening of 8th November 2002...

The time we decided to meet at her place was 8:00 PM. So, taking into consideration the traffic (very very important, bcos I did not want a repeat of last Saturday!), I set off from the office at 6:00 PM (amidst surprised looks and calls of "Half-day??" from my colleagues who are accustomed to see me leave the office at around 8:30 or 9:00 PM, everyday). I catch the first bus that comes along and get off at Saki Naka to catch the bus which goes directly to my destination. I wait... but the bus does not come. I leave two buses that go to where I want to go, but take a circuitous route in getting there. But the bus I want is nowhere to be seen. Finally, after a wait of over 40 mins I get into the next bus that I see, hoping just to get away from the confounded place. Wrong bus, it turns out to be... it takes a looong route to just reach Andheri station. I can do nothing but twiddle my thumbs and look in frustration at my watch. 7:15 PM... and still in Andheri!! I panic... scared at the thought of missing yet another appointment, get out of the bus and wait for another one. At long last... one bus that goes somewhere close to where I intend to, comes along and I hop into it. 10 minutes into the journey, I realize that once again it is a wrong choice of bus as even this takes the longer route. But I decide to stick with it. At 7:45 PM, I'm still at Santacruz... still a long way away from Prabhadevi! I call up and inform that I might be 10 mins late. She is understanding... she says that its okay coz she knows that traffic can be a bitch! I relax a bit and hope for the best. At 8:05 PM, I'm at Shivaji Park wher I jump off the bus and into a cab for the final leg of the journey. My mind is in a whirl and it is just my luck to get a chatty cabbie. He is an elderly Muslim gentleman who talks to me about how difficult it is to drive after fasting the whole day. He adds that his cab has gone for re-registration at the RTO and he's been given a new car to drive, which has floor gears... something he isn't accustomed to. I listen patiently... my mind just a couple of miles away!

Finally... at 8:10 PM... the cab pulls to the side of the road. I have arrived!!... I pay up and don't wait for the change. I'm running the last few yards, glancing at the watch. Then... I find myself at her doorstep!...

I knock and push open the door. There she is!! ... waiting for me!! ... I smile at her and say "I'm so sorry I'm late!!".

Dr. Sonali Rangnekar, B.D.S. (Mumbai),... my dentist, beckons me to lie back on the chair and asks me, "What seems to be the problem with your tooth, Sameer?"

Hmmm... people say its November. But I dunno why it suddenly feels like the April today!!!?... wot say, ppl!!? ;)

Thanks for all the comments though!! ... It was sweet of you to send me all those wishes!!... They helped too!! ... I didn't feel any pain at all!! ;)

Thats about it for now...details about my dental treatment later! *ROTFL* ;)



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