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Thursday, November 07, 2002

A little bit of moi!!

I'll do an extra-narcissistic turn today and post something about myself. Nothing monumental or sentimental... just plain mental (sic!)

At an undisclosed time on Tuesday, 5th October 1976, a stork visited the Gharat household and delivered a bundle of joy (*LOL*). Thus came into existence a homo sapiens sapiens, who would be officially named Sameer a few days later (btw, I just remembered a F*R*I*E*N*D*S joke... Joey once says... "Ross, if homo sapiens actually were HOMO sapiens, is that why they┬┤re exctinct?")

Okay... so back on track... The Gharats were obviously overjoyed to have a baby... but they noticed a peculiar thing about young Sameer. His ears were pierced... both of them... at exactly the same position! Weird, they thought!... and referred his case to the motley bunch of old 'n wise ladies who had come to his naming ceremony. Amazed, the old ladies scrutinized the the ears till young Sameer let out a sudden, loud wail and scared the wits out of the geriatric bunch who had huddled together over the cradle. The leader of the pack, Sameer's grandma, declared in a sapient tone that this was no ordinary child!! ... This was royalty... blue blood... a King from previous birth, who had re-incarnated!! As a hush descended over the room, Sameer, unaware of this startling revelation, frolicked merrily in his cradle... dribbling baby saliva and examining the innocuous, whirling toy that was hung directly above him. And as the gathered people regarded this King in their midst, with awed admiration, the King responded with a stream of royal piss and a cherubic smile to go with that!

Thats about all you'll get to know about the King today! For more... stay tuned on this blog as the life of Sameer unfolds... with a dash of masala thrown in for good measure! ;)

Anyways, back to more mundane things! ... Yesterday, being Bhaubeej/Bhaiduj, I had been to one of my mausi's house where all my other uncles and aunts and cousins had gathered. It was great fun! ... The traditional aarti took place first. I received gifts and I gave away gifts... something that I love about this day! I gave my each of my sisters, a set of four conical hand-painted mugs, that I liked so much when I first saw them when I had visited Westside to do my Diwali shopping. :-)

After the aarti, a general party mood took over and my mom and aunts settled down to discuss important things like their new sarees and the Diwali faraaL that they had made. The uncles and my dad settled down to the serious business of sipping on their drinks. :-)

The best part about yesterday evening was the food. The veg pulao, the chicken masala, the prawn biryani, etc. tasted heavenly and I dug into it with gusto! ... my aching molars notwithstanding! ;)

After an eternity, my plate emptied and I could sense that there was not a fraction of a inch of space left in my tummy to eat anything more!... I had lived upto my reputation of being an incorrigible foodie! ... but!! ... I was sooo wrong!

There was more to come!... in the form of desserts! And, whatta dessert I had!!! ... Three monstrously huge Gulab Jamuns, two huuuge hunks of sinful, creamy pastries... and double scoops of home-made sitaphal ice-cream!! By the time I popped the last gulab jamun in my mouth, I was done for!... There's no way I'm going to be able to get up from this sofa, I thought, feeling heavier than a ton or two!!

But somehow I managed to drag myself into the car...drove back home and was asleep before I hit the bed!

Thanks to that heavy, but delicious dinner yesterday, I skipped breakfast today and had an extremely light lunch consisting of just a sandwich!

I guess that's all I have to say at the moment! But before I go... a couple of mentions. Sindhu has a cute new layout and she's moved from Blogger to Greymatter. Radhika has blogged about the engagement of her sister and this account of the engament is absolutely wonderful and sounds like those elaborate weddings/engagements from Hindi movies, complete with song-and-dance routines! :-)

Well then... thats it for now! ... see you ppl later!



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