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Sunday, November 10, 2002

Happy days...

I have officially applied to get 9th November declared universally as the All Fools' Day. The reason is obvious!!... Isn't it?! ;-)

Okay... I've gloated enough on my handiwork! ...

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in the recent past. Well, I've had some great days, but yesterday was somehow more satisfying than most of them.

Yesterday morning, I had my first session with the dentist. (Its true that I first met the dentist on Friday, but that was just for examination of the tooth and the extent of damage to it!). The doctor told me that according to her clinical diagnosis, the decay was extensive, but it had not yet reached the nerve. There seemed to be no apparent reason to do a Root Canal. She would give her final verdict only after the excavation was done.

So, yesterday morning, I made my way to the dentist and lay down on the chair. In few moments variety of objects simultaneously entered my mouth, the doctor's hands, the drill, the mirror and the suction pump (don't pass any snide remarks about the size of my mouth, ok!) Having heard some very chilling tales about the terrors of the drill, I was queasy when the whirring sound of the drill started and the dentist went to work on my grinder.

Strangely, I could feel no pain! After a couple of minutes the drill stopped and the dentist asked me if I felt any pain. As I said no, she nodded and went to work again... this time feeling a bit more adventurous! .. Still no pain!! I wondered if the drill was indeed touching my molar or was just making a big noise! Once more, the dentist raised her head and asked the same question. I replied in the negative. Surprise was very apparent on her large brown eyes which were the only visible features of her beautiful face that was framed by unruly shoulder-length hair hurriedly tucked behind the ears. She said, "Still?!", expecting me to answer... a difficult proposition indeed with a mouthful of instruments. I just shake my head like a child. The drilling begins once again! ... After a while the whirring stops once again. The digging is complete! The dentist looks at her handiwork and says, "Baraach moTha khaDDaa aahe!"... which when translated means something like... "This is one big freaking cavity you've got here, mister!"

The dentist is amazed that I never felt any pain. She uses an instrument to tap my tooth. "Owww!!", I cry out, "That hurt!". Now she is satisfied. She tells me that the tooth is still alive and can be treated without a Root Canal. She also adds that I have a high threshold of pain. With that, she goes ahead and fills up the cave in my tooth with a temporary paste of clove-flavoured cement and tells me to come back in two weeks.

The moral of this story is that contrary to my fears, my tooth-ache did not warrant the dreaded procedure of Root Canal. I am happy!!

Cut to the office... I'm supposed to deliver a document on Monday and I've taken it easy in the Diwali week. So, that means I have to slog it out on the weekend. But surprisingly, I got some productive work done on Saturday. Maybe it was the solitude... since the office was nearly empty. In the afternoon, I go out and play a few games of doubles table tennis with few of the colleagues who have ventured to the office on a Saturday. Work done... play done... I'm happy!!

I blog, describing the evening of 8th November. The reactions to it make me smile! I am happy!!

Then after going home, I watch this delightfully simple and heartwarming film called Madeline. It tells the story, set in France, of an little orphan girl who saves her school from being sold off. I am happy!!

Finally... at night, just before I go to sleep, I lie in the bed wondering what exactly happiness is!... I sort of try of define happiness and just before I drift off to sleep, I find a definition that I like. But before I tell you all about it... I throw open the question to all you wonderful people...

What is happiness to you?

Tag away... comment in the comments box... mail me... do whatever you like... just let your imagination take you over and try to define what is happiness...

So, there!



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