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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I want...

Yesterday I had a dose of gripe water before I got down to write the blog. Thats why you saw a sneak preview of my hate list. I'll probably publish the list in its entirety some other time.

Today however I'm in a greedy mood... and so I present a very brief list of things that I want to possess ASAP... here goes!

* a new cell-phone! The ancient (but trusty!) Nokia 3210 that I have at present is much too bulky for my liking and it hardly possesses the features that everybody around me is so proud of boasting! And this 3210 causes a very conspicuous bulge when I carry it in my trouser pockets. I was mightily impressed by the brand new 6510 that my friend was brandishing today!
* a new watch! I'm bored with my very staid looking Titan timepiece that has been adorning my wrist for quite some time now! A shiny new Swatch would be just the right replacement!
* an upgrade to P-4 for my home PC. And with it a list of other accessories that my PC has been crying out for... a graphics card that lets me play RPGs without freezing up... a webcam/digicam... a cd-writer... a USB port to hook-up all these goodies and others that don't come to my mind right now!
* a broadband Net connection at home. fast and always-on connectivity!!
* a new frame for my glasses. Actually, no frame for my glasses!!... I mean I wanna have rimless glasses.

This is again... just a sample list... the actual list is much... much longer!! Only problem, now, is the moolah (more so the lack of it!) to help me finance my wants. Contribute generously to Sam's Feed the Greed fund!! ;-)

And ohhh... there are other things that I need that money can't buy!! ... u know... the usual suspects! Contributions are also welcome to assuage those needs of mine! *LOL*

Well, enuf of this Me, Myself and Sam outlook that has taken over this blog!

The first test match between India and the touring West Indians began today in the absolutely hopeless heat of Mumbai (added to this is the fact that Wankhede is a closed stadium, a fact that precludes the idea of a breeze blowing across the ground!). The hapless West Indians were subjected to torture when the Indian openers put up a double century opening partnership with Virender Sehwag (the latest wunderkind) blazing his way to 147. They had to resort to as many as nine bowlers during the day!! It was so frustrating for the Windies bowlers that Mervyn Dillon showed the finger to the crowd on more than one occasion. Amrita was amongst the crowd, at Wankhede today, that sledged Dillon till he displayed the universal gesture of frustration! Well, tomorrow promises to be a run-feast with Dravid and Tendulkar on show from the first ball in the morning!!

Among other things, the Salman Khan episode took a turn for the comical when it was announced after investigation that the Land Cruiser that he plowed into those poor victims, was in fact a stolen vehicle!! Now, how much more illegal can you get!! ... A sozzled superstar with a history of misdemeanours, driving a stolen vehicle, without a driving license crashes into a street corner bakery killing a poor man sleeping there and injuring three others!! :-|

Ok... I should stop rambling on without any purpose and take your leave now!...


P.S.: I got myself registered at BlogHop. So, now you people can rate this site! ... *LOL* ... nothing worth rating!!... I know! But even so... rate me!! ;-)
Just under the cliques you will find a list of smileys that you need to choose from, to rate this page. So... do it!! :-D


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