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Monday, September 30, 2002

I'm OK, You're OK ... ;-)

I have absolutely no idea what came over me when I posted my previous blog!! Now, when I read it... I feel a bit foolish *smiling sheepishly*

Actually, nothing drastic happened to me... no disappointments... no rejections (not now anyways!)... no failures... no nothing! Its just that something just nudged my mood off-balance in the afternoon on Saturday and there I was... feeling a bit down and sullen. And as the afternoon morphed into evening... my mood didn't get much better. I'm not sure what was the cause. I'm not usually a moody person... (goes with the zodiac sign, I guess!), so it was a surprise that I actually posted what I posted on Saturday!! :-)

Well, anyways, once I reached home somnething happened that changed my mood right back!

A couple of months back, someone from our company had sent out an SOS via email appealing for AB+ blood for her relative (a Mrs. Fernandes) who was then being treated in the ICU of the Leelavati Hospital in Bandra. Now, AB is rare blood group and on top of it, there was a shortage of AB+ blood. Yours truly is AB+. So, I volunteered and donated blood. Saturday evening as I reached home I found that I had received a card from Mrs. Fernandes thanking me for donating the blood. First of all, I was glad that she was alright now and secondly, I thought this was a really sweet gesture i.e. sending a card. This immediately perked up my mood and I was back to normal!! ... Strange how these things happen!! ... there I was in the afternoon feeling depressed due to some nebulous reasons... and then there I was in the evening, mood restored due to happiness coming in from unexpected quarters! ... C'est la vie ... Its nothing more than a journey in which you just have to keep an eye out for the small joys that come your way... when you see one... gently clasp it in your hands and marvel at the glow that it casts and the smile that it manages to bring to your face!! ... then move along... looking for another!!

Too senti... is it?! *LOL*

Sunday dawned and I was dead to the world! ... for a person who wakes up at 5:30 AM every morning, sleeping till 9:00 AM is a luxury... almost a sin! Then, I put my feet up, picked up the newspaper and headed straight for the cartoons page! Reading the comics, especially my favourite, Garfield, is the first thing I do every Sunday morning. Then, I took a late bath followed by an early lunch (not quite brunch... but early all the same!). After that I settled down to see the final match between India and Sri Lanka.

I was disappointed that Saurav Ganguly lost the toss and had to bowl first. I would have loved to see the Indians bat up front. But the Indian bowlers bowled well and restricted the Sri Lankans to 244 in 50 overs. And then, when it was the Indians' turn to bat, the rain gods who had relented during the past 15 days refused to do so any longer and the skies burst open soaking the ground. The play was called off and it was decided to replay the entire match today. Well, today almost the same things happened... Sri Lankans won the toss and wanted to bat first. Sanath Jayasuriya was bowled off the very first ball of the match and in the end Sri Lanka managed to get 222 off their quota of 50 overs. The Indians have come out to bat and as I write this blog, the score is 6 for the loss of 1 wicket. They've just lost the first wicket and I hope that they don't lose any more!!! :-)

Well, anyways... thats it for today I guess! ... Thanks to all those commented on yesterday's blog, asking if I was okay!! ... Thanks!!



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