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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Had a Happy Birthday!!

10q... 10q...10q!!! ... for all the wishes that you ppl sent!! .... thanx a ton!!! :-)

So ... I had a quiet day yesterday... nothing special! ... was at home most of the time. Except in the afternoon, I tried one more time to go to Fabindia to get that elusive Kurta... and guess what!! ... the store was open!! (well, its the first time that I found it open... uptil now it used to be closed whenever I went there!!). And I actually managed to buy a Kurta... *LOL*.

Apart from that... ate a lot of cakes, ice creams till my tummy was screaming to be left alone. ;-)

*LOL*... anyways... more about my day, tomorrow! ... rite now I'll take your leave! ...



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