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Friday, September 27, 2002

I have gone crazy!

I've been having a nightmarish experience trying to write this blog. I've started this blog at least four times in the past one hour and four times it has run out of gas like a deflated balloon, after just about 4-5 lines into the venture. Am I hitting one of those road-blocks conveniently called writers' blocks? ... I hope not!! ... I've had enough troubles with them in the past and I would not like to repeat the history... (Actually, History never repeats itself, as is erroneously believed... only Historians repeat themselves!).

Uh-oh... now I've started to rant and rave about some incomprehensible inanities. I guess I'm just trying to thrash my way out of the hole that I've stumbled into. Speaking of holes, do you know that Black Holes are the most dense objects in the universe... so dense that even light that mistakenly stumbles into them, cannot escape out. Shit!! ... STOP IT SAMEER!!!

Ok... peace! ...*shows a peace sign with the index and the middle fingers raised* ... or is it just with the middle finger?? ... I forget!!

Well, did you all think, I was on the verge of becoming a nutcase!?? ... Well, you were wrong! ... 'coz I already am a screwball!! I have lost a screw or two from my head. So, if you come across me somewhere wandering and raving about wanting a screw... please don't mis-understand this screw for that screw!! ;-)

You know... these last few days have made it difficult for me to keep my sanity. The events have just been so... ummm... tumultuous!! No, I'm not talking about my personal life... I would be grateful to God if he can make my grant me a life less ordinary, for a few days (the tedium of my life, both social as well as anti-social, has driven me past the outer extremes of boredom!). I'm talking here about the events that have been taking place in India...

The storming of the temple and the despicable massacre of the devotees inside the temple premises is reason enough to make one lose one's sanity. It simply doesn't make sense!! ... they were just trying to pray!! What followed the event was a greater tragedy!! ... Media teams rushed in to capture the grim face of death, destruction and mayhem, to flash it across the screens of millions of viewers who were forced to digest scenes made up of mutilated bodies and blood soaked clothes, alongwith their dinner. The statutory warning, some of the following scenes could be disturbing, doesn't atone the sin of making a circus out of a tragedy! Added to this was the over-enthusiasm of the on-site correspondents who thrust microphones and cameras into the faces of the relatives of those killed, just so that they could be the first ones to show to the world the grief that follows the death of a family member. Prime-time reality TV at its worst!! Responsible Journalism... is it too much to hope for... from our mediapersons?!... I guess so! :-(

Anyways... sorry for getting a bit carried away!! ... and Suku, you are completely and absolutely excluded from the above diatribe against the journos!! :-)

Ummm... what else??!! ... yeah! ... yesterday was a holiday!! Indian people expressed their silent outrage at the temple massacre, by observing a spontaneous bandh yesterday. In some places, the spontaniety was even arranged to be captured on camera by the various journalists who roamed the empty streets and railway tracks looking for opportunities to snap up pictures of politicians, falling over themselves to stop buses and trains from plying, wearing their most chic khaadi outfits... such patriotism!!

However, the event that almost made me insane with joy was the fantastic Indian victory over the perennial chokers of world cricket, South Africa! I returned home from office to find that the South Africans were cruising along with just one wicket down and just about 70 runs to get with about 13 overs to go. Any sane person would back South Africa from there. Any sane cricket-crazy Indian person would however hope against hope for an Indian victory. Well, I was one of these sane(??) cricket-crazy Indian persons!! My sister thought I was daft when I bravely predicted that India would romp home. And thats just when Yuvraj Singh lept to his right and plucked the ball out of the air just inches above the ground to send Jonty Rhodes back to the pavilion. From that moment on, the Indians never looked back and completed what can only be termed as one of the greatest comebacks by any team in the history of One-Day cricket. It was wonderful!! ... People went crazy in the stands... people went crazy in the streets of India... crackers burst and lit up the night sky... Ganguly walked back to the pavilion with the most surprised expression you will ever see on a cricketer's face.... and Sehwag spoke in his halting English while accepting the Man-of-the-Match award for the second time in succession. A wonderful day for Indian cricket!!

Well... thats about all that I can blog at this moment!... see you all later with more stuff!... take care!


P.S. : Suku... I just read your latest article on Rediff. Liked it very much!... Road is probably the only Hindi movie among all the new films in the last few months that I wanna watch. Hope its nice!! :-)


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