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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Workaholics Anonymous ;-)

You know, sometimes we get stuck over problem and then simply can't breathe easy till that problem is solved. Thats what happened to me today. I had been trying to debug (I guess, even the people who don't know even the T of Technology would know the word debug) an especially irritating problem. Irritating because everything seemed alright and there seemed to be no reason for it to not work. But work, it did not!

Finally, today afternoon... seemingly out of nowhere, I got a weird feeling that if I tried it this way, it might just work! So I set about following my instincts and voila!... it worked! ... I mean, not completely... but I got the damned thing underway and on the road to successful completion! Funny!! ... how these things come to you when you're least expecting a breakthrough! :-)

So, the bottomline is... I've had a busy day! And I love such busy days when I'm totally involved in the work and forget about everything around me. Its just me and the PC... everything else is just a blur! If you think I'm exaggerating, you should ask some of my team-mates from my previous project team... umm... for example Rochelle. These guys used to think I'm some sort of robot who never got up from his seat, even for lunch or even to visit the loo *LOL*. Strange! ... because, my friends in school used to call me Giant Robot ... heh heh! ... anybody remembers that Japanese animatronic TV series, Giant Robot, that they used to show on Doordarshan many many years back?!! ;-)

But a rider to this situation is that the work that I'm busy with, should be work that I really like to do. Unlike the situation a few days back when I was supposed to fill up my performance appraisal form. Now that was boring, mundane and mechanical work... something that I hate!

*LOL* ... enuf boasting about my work habits and work ethic! Sorry ppl!... I sometimes do go on a loooong ego trip! ;-D

Hmm... why does today feel like a Monday?!! ... I was even tempted to fill up my weekly timesheet just because I thought today was Monday. Yesterday's mid-week holiday passed in a blur. The only thing that I managed to do yesterday was to go out birthday shopping (yeeaah! ... two days to go for the D-Day... uhh... I mean the B-Day!). I wanted to buy myself a Kurta... so I went to Fabindia at Bandra. But, it was closed... darn!!. Since I did not want to waste the trip, I then went to Globus and picked up a Tee-shirt and pair of jeans. Now the only thing that remains to be bought is a Kurta... which means that another trip to Fabindia is in order! :-)

Today morning, I found that the enetation commenting system was down... and lots of comments that you wonderful people had left on my previous blog were nowhere to be seen. So, I went over to HaloScan and registered there for their commenting system and put it up on my page. So, from now on... whenever enetation is down I'll be switching over to HaloScan. Well... that just goes to show how much I value your comments!! :-)

As I had said in one of my previous blogs, I'll be changing the layout soon. So, in the next couple of days, if you access this page and find it hopefully out of shape, then don't worry... it's just me trying to juggle around with CSS, HTML, and other such stuff! ;-)

Well, then! ... thats it for now... see you all tomorrow!


P.S.: For those who wanted my email id to send me b'day cards (heh heh!... I like b'day cards!!), it is super_sam5 at yahoo dot com. ;-)


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