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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Peeves, updates and an old lady

Since I'm in a mood to gripe... I will do just that!

* I hate the Dandia which is right now being played in the canteen of our office. Now who in their right mind would even think of having a Dandia session in an office!! ... and that too with a live orchestra and the works!
* I hate the heat. Can you imagine that the temperature here in Mumbai went over 38º C (over 100º F) today!! Its awful and its evil!!
* I hate myself for not having the enthusiasm and the inclination to go to the gym. I know I should... but I don't!
* I hate when I am at loss for the right word at the right time. I just go blank sometimes when trying to recollect that perfect word to describe a particular thing. Afterwards though, that word comes to me at the weirdest of times... e.g.while waking up from sleep at dawn... or in the middle of an unrelated conversation... or worse still... while I'm sitting on the toilet seat (don't wrinkle your noses! ... that is one place where I get a lot of ideas!!)
* I hate reading news like this... especially when you know that turmeric has been used since centuries in India to cure many kinds of malaises, including burns. Well, I have seen turmeric being used to fix a leaky fuel tank in a car!!
* I hate this guy in our office who insists on chatting with me on IM on topics like the racial inferiority of Indians and reasons why India as a 3rd world country is among the scum of the earth. I really hate it!!... especially since he is a colleague in the office and I can't ask him to go take a hike.
* I hate ...

Well... the list is long and I don't want to spread anymore hate in the world! ;-)

Among other things... a minor update to this page. Couple of things have been added today...

The first thing is a Mumbai weather indicator at the bottom of the page (a totally inconsequential addition to the page!). The second newly added item is a list of movies I have reviewed for our company's online magazine. Its there... just below brainless rants and just above random site-ings... to the left of the page. Finally, the third item that finds a place on this page is a small daily feature called groaner's corner situated just below random site-ings. This will feature a PJ or a groaner daily ... (well, you have to bear the frustration of reading some absolutely ugghh PJs!).

Just before I take your leave for the day, here's an incident that I witnessed in the bus yesterday while coming to the office...

I was sitting in the bus trying to read a book. An elderly Gujarati (I deduced this from the way she was wearing her saree) lady sat in the seat directly in front of me. She was enjoying the sights of early morning Mumbai as they whizzed past while the bus sped along SV Road. Some time later, one guy came and sat next to her. He too was an elderly gentleman, though not as advanced in age as the lady he sat next to. And in no time, he started conversing with the old lady... well actually it was a one-sided conversation as the man talked and talked about trivial things like the price of bus tickets, the weather, the rude bus-conductors, etc. The lady listened with amazing attentiveness and nodded a few times as the man entered an especially animated part of his monologue. Finally... I guess the lady had to get down at her destination. So, she smiled at the man... reached into her purse... took out the ear-piece of her hearing-aid... put it on... and got off the bus!

I just threw back my head and silently laughed as hard as I could!! I still had the smile on my face asl I walked into the office... a very rare thing to see on a Monday morning!! ;-)



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