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Saturday, September 28, 2002

... but the castle's crumbled!!

Why does it happen sometimes, that we read signs and signals from certain situations and build up expectations and hopes. Every little thing then adds a bit to that mound of hope and this continues till the mound grows to form a hillock... then a hill and finally a mountain. All this while you are wallowing indulgently in a make-believe world.

And then... suddenly without any warning... something happens that blasts this mountain, that you've created, to smithereens!!

Jerked out of the dream that you've come to think of as reality, you grope around trying to find familiar people and objects, that never were! Thats when you realize the futility of it all! Why does everything have to end so badly?... you wonder!! But there are no answers... only questions!!

Then it all crashes down
And you break your crown
And you point your finger, but there's no one around
Just want one thing
Just to play the King
But the castle's crumbled and you're left with just a name
Where's your crown, King Nothing?

'nuf said!

have a nice weekend, folks!


P.S. : with many thanx to Hetfield, Ulrich & co.! :-)


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