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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

It hurts!! ... It hits you and then it hurts!!

I'm talking about the heat wave that is currently sweeping Mumbai... leaving in its wake, a trail of sweaty bodies!

After having my lunch today, I set off for a customary after-lunch-walk with my lunch-mates. The moment I stepped outside, a blast of warm air hit me squarely in the face. I felt as though I had stepped into a furnace (well, to be completely frank, I've never stepped inside a furnace... never had the oppportunity to do so!) *LOL*. The brilliant sunshine and the glare that it caused forced me to squint my eyes as I steeped out of the shade. If the heat in the shade was bad, it was like hell out into the open, under the sun. The heat enveloped the body and held a tight vice-like grip on it. My ears and the back of my neck burned under the scorching heat and almost in no time, sweat was pouring down in the form of tiny rivulets. Through my squinted eyes, I could see the hot air rising up from the ground, causing a shimmering pattern in the distance. Damn!, I thought, it was too hot to take a walk!!... so I promptly turned back and headed straight to the cool, centrally air-conditioned environment of the office building. Its just the first day of October and the dreaded October Heat is already making its presence felt!!

But... I'm not complaining!! October is my favouritest month of the year and this week the favouritest week!!! ;-)

Well anyways, tomorrow's a holiday (we'll be paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi's memory on his birth anniversary tomorrow, by taking a day off from work!). And I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to spend the day tomorrow. It is too hot outside to even think about spending the day outdoors. And indoors, apart from fooling around on the PC, I can't foresee anything to do. There's nothing particularly good on TV... in fact, if at all, there are lots of reasons why I should not watch TV! One of the chief reasons is that nowadays, whenever you turn on the TV, there will invariably be some f***-all soap opera going on.What makes these soaps even worse is that they all look the same... same plot... same actors... same sets... same producers... even the names starting with the same letter of the alphabet (and there are no prizes for guessing which letter that is!). Fortunately, I haven't watched even a single episode of any of these soaps... otherwise there would have been utter Kaos in my mind. Apart from these boring soaps, the thing that bugs me the most on TV is this particular music video by a new group called the Band of Boys, which seems to be on heavy rotation these days on the music channels. It simply grates on my nerves and I feel as if I might cause someone bodily harm if I cannot lay my hands on the remote, fast enough, to change the channels when this particular video comes on air. This Band of Boys is by no means a Band of Boys!! ... In fact, the group should be called Band of 30-Plus-Men. I dunno how other people feel, but I have a suspicion that they would not (and should not) go beyond their first album. But thats besides the point! ... The point is that...there's nothing worthwhile to watch on TV ... except perhaps... the live telecast of the Busan Asian Games.

Forget TV... I think I might go shopping in the evening tomorrow! Plus, I have a treat coming up as well. One of my friends, Faizan, is treating me to a dinner tomorrow, because he got a good score in the GMAT test that he recently gave. It'll probably be at the Gypsy restaurant at Shivaji Park. :-)

Yesterday evening was another disappointment as far as cricket is concerned. It rained heavily once again... just as the Indians had started their reply to the Sri Lankan challenge of 223. The rain prevented the match from being completed and so, the prize, the mini world-cup, was shared by the two teams, India and Sri Lanka. :-((

Now... lets see what people are doing on the blogging scene. Richa and Sindhu are creating cliques by the dozens. Amrita's PC is still down while its being upgraded. Suku is as usual, posting some wonderfully written posts. All's well with the world!

So, there! ... thats all that I have time and inclination for today! Be back with something different next time around!... And hey, I guess I'm getting tired of this layout... so I'll probably change this layout before the week is out! ... so be on the lookout for a changed layout and when it happens, feel free to criticize it!

Over and out!!


P.S.: Isn't it ironical that I managed to solve the JavaScript error from Shuchita's webpage... but then, found that my page has started giving a JavaScript error!! :-| *LOL*


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