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Monday, September 23, 2002

A weekend in the life of a Libran

Have you ever seen a person walk into a room and everybody turns to look at him/her. He/she will probably be dressed to perfection, have a laugh that's sheer music to the ears and will dazzle you with his/her smile. And you might just be left wondering what just hit you now! He/she in all probability is a Libran.

*LOL*... thats what MSN says while giving brief overview of the characteristics that set the Librans apart. Furthermore, Librans, as easy-going people, they tend to procrastinate and take the easy route in doing things. Luxury is always a welcome addition to their life since they have a pronounced aversion to high-pressure situations!!

Hmmm... maybe that explains why I love weekends. And especially those relaxing and lie-back-in-the-easy-chair kind of weekends.

Friday, I went home early because the the roads were supposed to get blocked in the evenings due to the Ganpati Visarjan processions. So, the moment I reached home I flung myself on the bed and was dead to the world for something like three hours. zzzzzzzzzzz!!. Then, saw some live telecast of Ganesh Visarjan on TV. Earlier, till as recent as couple of years back, I used to go out and watch the Visarjan processions at Dadar Chowpatty. But the tasteless manner in which some fools in these processions dance has put me off. I prefer to stay at home and watch the live telecast from places like Pune, where the processions are much more disciplined and traditional. aaahhh!! ... why do I sound like an old man?!!! ;-)

They were showing Good Will Hunting on a movie channel on Friday night. Saw it! ... Its a good movie, with some very powerful dialogues and some very watchable one-on-one scenes between Matt Damon and Robin Williams. But frankly speaking, I've seen better movies... heh heh heh! ... very diplomatic, n'est-ce pas! ... very Libraesque! ;-)

Saturday was kinda funny! ... I don't remember how it passed... as if it never happened... as if I slept on Friday night and woke up directly on Sunday morning!! ... strange! ... strange indeed!!

One thing I remember about Saturday, though! I remember having gone to have my hair trimmed. But I must've fallen asleep in the chair as the barber went to work on my hair. I guess he must've used garden shears, because at the end of the ordeal, I was left with hair so short that they stand out from the scalp like pin-pricks... making me look like a complete idiot... a dork!! *grrrrr*. Now, just to take the attention away from the massacre on the top, I've kept a little goatee. But, that doesn't suit me as well. My head and my chin, both having very little hair at the moment, are driving me nuts everytime I happen to glance in a mirror!! Mirror, mirror... on the wall! ... Who's the dorkest of them all?! .... thats me!!!!

The first thing I remember about Sunday is rain... lots of it... at dawn!! The sheer racket that the heavy rain made, woke me up at dawn. Fortunately, I managed to drift back into sleep easily and woke up to a bright and sunny Sunday! ... Mumbai has moderate climate they say! ... bah!. The only reminder of the heavy rain in the night was the slightly damp ground and dead phones!

Having nothing to do on a Sunday morning, I made my way to Sunderbai Hall at Churchgate. They had a book exhibition with 15 to 50 % discount on the books on display. I bought a few books including Khushwant Singh's A Train to Pakistan and Vikram Seth's An Equal Music. Vikram Seth's book was an impulse buy... I really have no idea as to how it is. I think it would be good! But then, I realize that a Libran's admiration for aesthetics is legendary whether it is music, art or people. Because of their admiration for all things beautiful, they would be inclined to judge a book by its cover.

Sunday ended with a bang! ... Quite literally!! ... India was playing a crunch-time match against England in Colombo and the result was gonna decide the semi-finalist in the mini-world cup. And ohh my God!! ... Virender Sehwag just blasted the England bowlers to smithereens!... It was an absolute massacre as bowler after England bowler was tried out but each of them could only act as cannon fodder for Sehwag as he blazed away to a century off just 77 balls. Simply amazing!... South Africa... better watch out!! ;-)

Well, that about sums up my weekend. More later! ... But just before I take your leave, here's a parting thought!...

A Libran in love can be a combination of some of the best characteristics in the zodiac: a sensuous Taurus, a romantic Pisces, and a melting Leo. oooh! ... I didn't know that! ... Ofkors... never had the opportunity to try it out! ... *LOL* .... well, now... any volunteers?!



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