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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

What will your message be?

What would you give to get a chance to communicate with your descendents. A chance akin to walking into the future and having a talk with the children of your children of your children of your children ... of your children!!

Do I sound like a crazy scientist who has just invented a Time Machine?? ... Well, I hope not!... because if all goes well, this seemingly outlandish idea is going to transform into a reality!! ...(and I'm not talking about some Sci-Fi movie thats gonna be released soon!)

Project Keo is going to turn the impossible into possible. Keo involves a space shuttle that is supposed to be launched from earth in late 2003. It would go deep into space and stay there for 50,000 years (yup!! you heard me right!! ... fifty thousand years!) and then return to the earth... intact! Sounds like an exciting adventure! ... But what purpose will a space shuttle from the past prove to our descendents? Well... before its launch, the space shuttle, Keo, will be loaded with our messages... our messages that we write today. It is this precious cargo that will come back to our descendents 50,000 years later, giving them a glimpse of their ancestors... a glimpse that, I'm sure, they'll be grateful for!

According to the project team of Keo, the purpose of this mission is,

To tell the people of tomorrow, more about the people of today And to reinvent our present world by sharing each other's dreams, aspirations, personal hopes… so that we can address all of this to our faraway descendants.

Noble hopes indeed!

If you want to write your own message, you can go to www.keo.org and you'll find links to help you do that. By the way, Project Keo has been elected as the Project of the 21st Century by UNESCO.

Enuf said about Keo! ... lets get on to more worldly matters! ;-)

Couple of times last week, I referred to something unmentionable in my blogs and did not care to elaborate what that unmentionable thing was all about. Well, you see... it was just poor me filling up my yearly performance appraisal form! And it was such a boring and painful task that it took me two days of mind-numbing efforts trying to figure out things that I had done during the past year! Added to it was the fact that some fool in the HR department had bungled up and had missed out some important information that needed to go on my appraisal form. And it took something like quintillion phone calls and a zillion emails to my appraisal data updated with the required information, at the end of which I was pooped out! Why so much effort for an appraisal?! ... Kya karen! ... Is paapi pet ke liye karna padta hai!! *LMAO* ;-)

Among other things... life has been going on pretty ok. I'm looking forward to the semi-final match tomorrow, between India and South Africa. I hope India can recreate even half the magic they displayed while batting against England on Sunday. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to give a small presentation to my project team... and I haven't the foggiest idea about what I'm going to blabber about. Absolutely no preparation! ... I'm just gonna shoot my mouth off! *LOL*

Hmm, lets see whats new on the blogging scene...

Richa got a new layout that looks really cool... so does her new haircut!. Amrita is down with flu (Get well soon!!!). Suku has been changing her layouts nearly everyday... (Suku, the pink one was not bad! ... but I prefer the current one!). Hey Sindhu, my fingers are crossed for your mom!

By the way, I was chatting with Rochelle today and she said that Librans tend to have dimples... *LOL*, I dunno how valid this is!

What else?? ... ummm... nothing much! ... So see you all around later, folks! Take care!



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