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Thursday, August 29, 2002

The joke's on me!

Ok... here's something about myself that I re-discovered today. I realized (while joggin on the treadmill and looking aimlessly into the wall-2-wall mirror) that I get dimples on both my cheeks when I smile in a particular way. *LOL* As I've mentioned... it was just a re-discovery. But all the same, I filed away this discovery in my brain for use later in situations that might demand showing off my dimpled cheeks (the cheeks of my face... to be precise!) ;-)

Then, there's this conversation that I had today with one of my colleagues. We were talking about people who make sad jokes or groaners (or PJs, as they are called in India). I argued that it takes a special ability to crack a groaner. I mean, what is a groaner or a real sad joke anyways?! ... It is... seeing the most obvious aspect of any situation or a word and turning it around to make it humorous. Since, this humour is often based on the most trivial aspects of any situation, people fail to appreciatethe humour and either the humour falls flat or the listener cracks up with laughter and curses the person, who cracked the joke, for being so trivial.

Quite often, such sad jokes are pun based. Now, it is a known fact that punning is almost an art form. Most of our literary giants could pun at will. So, did these guys have such a low sense of humour?!!

I'm reminded of one Issac Asimov story in which he told about a person called, Sloane. Now, Sloane had a pet rock (remember this is a Science Fiction story... so anything goes! ... even pet rocks who can move!!). This pet rock was called Teddy. And since it was quite common to have pet rocks, their owners often entered them into racing competitions (just like they have greyhound racing or rabbit racing, etc.). So, once in a race Sloane entered his rock. Now, once the race started, all the other rocks started moving towards the finish line. Only, Teddy did not budge. Sloane begged, pleaded and cajoled Teddy to move... but to no avail. Finally, Sloane offered Teddy something to eat... but only if he moved. Now, Teddy was a special rock... he could move very fast (almost lightening fast). So, when the other rocks were close to the finish line... Teddy made his move and dashed across the finish line before any other rock could! It was amazing... everybody cheered and clapped and congratulated Sloane and his rock. The headline in the local newspaper read the next day..."Sloane's Teddy wins the race"

A classic punny story that was!

Anyways, you people put in your thoughts on this in the comments.

Aaahhhhh! ... I'm in this weird situation here! My head isn't aching... but it has grown sooo heavy that it feels as though it might just slump to the side if I tilt it even a little bit! I'm sure I'm gonna get up with a splitting headache and a choked nose tomorrow morning. Ugghhh! ... I hate that!

Well... okay... what else's new?! ... Ahh yes! ... Amrita has got a new domain and she's moved all her sites to the new domain. Thats really really grrr8 news, Amrita!! ... See what happens when you dedicate blogs to me! ;-) *LOL*

Thats it for now from my side... I guess!... Ciao folks!



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