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Friday, August 23, 2002

Not more than a few words...

Ok, so after a couple of days of really huge blogs, I'm gonna say just a few words today! (mainly bcos I don't have much to say!!)

Indians played some great cricket yesterday on the first day and managed to lose just two wickets. Though the score wasn't too great at the end of the day, we still have Rahul Dravid (batting well past the hundred run mark)and Sachin Tendulkar at the crease and that is just great! I hope they continue the good work on the second day.

Well, in the morning today, I came across a news report on Rediff which broke the news that a key witness to the Godhra train carnage in Gujarat had testified. His testimony was a sensational one which gave a blow-by-blow account of what transpired at the Godhra railway station that led to the burning of coach S6 of the Sabarmati Express. It was this gruesome incident that sparked off the communal riots in Gujarat that killed hundreds of people and rendered thousands homeless, earlier this year. You can read the news of this chilling testimony by clicking here.

Anyways, nothing much happened for the rest of the day... I visited Mae's website and quite liked it. Her website is so interactive... I mean, nearly all the pages have feedback facility. Plus, I liked her views on various subjects she has chosen to comment on.

Ummm... what else!!?... ahhh I just can't think of anything to write about!!. Do I detect the onset of another bout of writer's block?!!... I hope not!... *LOL*

And ohh!... I'll be travelling to Pune early tomorrow morning. Most probably, I would be spending the weekend at our new house in Pune. I am crazy about driving on the Mumbai-Pune expressway (after all, where else can you get a road so beautiful in India). So, I'm looking forward to the drive to and back from Pune. But I won't be able to access the Net while in Pune... so no blogging during the weekend!

Ha ha!! ... this didn't turn out to be the mini-blog that I thought it would be!!

Ok... so good bye folks! ... have a great weekend!!



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