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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Musical delights and a short trip down the memory lane...

I wanted to do some blogging yesterday, but there was some international carrier failure on our ISP's links and so Net access was on and off (OFF for most part!), so no I just couldn't blog. Finally, frustrated, i gave up trying to connect and so passed Tuesday without any blog from me! ... There! ... I got that off my chest!! ;-)

By the way, I'm currently listening to this CD... Party At The Palace. It is the live recording of the Queen's Golden Jubilee concerts at the Buckingham Palace on 3rd June 2002. It has some absolutely fab tracks (well actually, all the tracks are top class). I just finished hearing Shirley Bassey belt out Goldfinger. Wow! this lady has an amazing voice even now. Ohh... currently I am hearing Tom Jones mischievously crooning You can leave your hat on. just grrrrreat!!

Today, its been exactly 4 years since I started working. Four years?!!... I just can't imagine how time fled. I still remember my first day at work like it was just a couple of weeks back. Fresh out of college, sluggish after a long vacation, eager to do well, and without any friends or acquaintences in the company, I joined a batch of trainees just like me. I also remember the lectures/talks that the company's top honchos came down to give to us. After delivering an induction speech, the CEO paused to take questions. There was a few moments of silence in which all of us looked at each other not knowing what to ask or say... (after all he was the damn CEO of the company... and well, we were just a bunch of geeky greenhorns). So, finally after an uneasy period of silence, a frail, timid sort of a fellow raised his hand, stood up and asked the CEO, "Excuse me sir, but could you please direct me to the men's room?" ... We just about burst out laughing!! ... well what else could we do!

... well right now its Joe Crocker singing With a little help from my friends ... ummm... great song!

Ok, so today morning I sent emails to all my batchmates congratulating them all on completing 4 years. I'm in touch with few of them. The others have drifted away due to work pressures and other such compulsions. And, I've got a great deluge of replies from all of them. I feel just great hearing from them after a long long time!

But apart from hearing from friends, I don't really have any emotional feelings about having completed 4 years. In fact I feel Comfortably Numb, to quote Pink Floyd. ;-)

Anyways, tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan, a hindu festival which occurs on the first Full Moon day in the Hindu month of Shravana. If you want some historical significance of this festival, you can get it by clicking here. Ok, so I should remember to take some sweets while going home today, bcos tomorrow morning Ashwini will tie the Rakhi on my wrist and I'll have to give her sweets in return ... (actually, I'll give more than just sweets... but sweets are important. I can't afford to forget buying them today!). :-)

... arrite!! ... last song on the CD now... Hey Jude by Paul McCartney. The crowd at the Buckingham palace, I can hear on the CD, just went wild during the song!! :-)

Okay! ... so thats it for now, folks! ... I'll be back tomorrow with something more to blog about. Hope I didn't bore you! :-)



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