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Monday, August 26, 2002

Robbery in the Oxford of the East and other Corny Tales

Greetings to y'all! ... I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a great Monday! ;-)

I had an absolutely action-packed weekend. It was much more than I had bargained for... *LOL*

As I had said in my previos blog, I was supposed to spend the weekend at Pune. So, I left early morning on Saturday with mom, dad and sis. The drive to Pune was amazing and we did the distance in just over two hours (thanks in large part to the absolutely wonderful Mumbai-Pune expressway. I just can't stress enough, the joy of driving on that highway). The entire route was flanked on both sides by a verdant heaven. Rains have spun a little bit of magic along the route. There are waterfalls, streams and brooks bubbling merrily along the way, the trees are dense with bright green leaves and the ground is covered in a thick carpet of grass and wildflowers. Absolutely enchanting! ... makes you wanna stop and enjoy a few moments in the company of nature at its very best!

Once we reached Pune, however, we were in for somewhat of a rude shock!

We found that our house was broken into and some stuff stolen!! Now, that was one hell of a nasty surprise! And what a list of things the thieves stole! ... some rice, some cooking oil, some spices (rather, all the spices that they could find in the house), some sugar, some tea-powder, a pillow (they left behind one from the set of two!), a pillow-case (just the case, they left the pillow behind), dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaning liquid and some other weird stuff like this.

Looking at this list of items that were stolen I did not know if I should laugh at the stupidity of the thief or to curse him for the sheer nuisance he made of himself.

Well, you see, the work on the building is still going on and so the painting contractor's workers had been busy painting the outer walls of the building. Our apartment is on the sixth floor and so they had to use harnesses to lower someone to paint outside our flat. So, it seems one of the painters got in through the window and decamped with all this loot. *LOL*

This incident apart, the weekend went along pretty well. One of the best parts about it was the dinner on Saturday evening. We went to this place called 'Corn Club' and hogged on more dishes made from corn than you can imagine! ... sweet corn soup, corn patties, mexican cheese corn pizza (I dunno what was it that made it Mexican... but neverthless!), baby corn fingers, corn bhel and a couple of other exotic corny treats! ;-)

Sunday was pretty relaxed. The weather in Pune is awesome and I really enjoyed the day doing nothing but sitting in the balcony and feeling the nice, chilly breeze that came from the mountains, not far off!

It was really hard to leave from Pune and come back to Mumbai and face the prospect of another week starting almost immediately. But the prospect of driving on the expressway was also quite good! And did I drive fast!! ... Covered the distance from Pune to Panvel (thats just outside Mumbai) in just 90 minutes!! Its an altogether different matter that the freakin' traffic meant that the rest of the distance took another 90 minutes! *LOL*

'nuff said about the weekend!

Well, today, I got to eat a lot of sweets!... Couple of my colleagues returned from vacations and got back with them some really delicious sweets. I couldn't help but dig into those delicacies (absolutely disregarding the effect it'll have on my bottomline!!). As it is, I've had some nice times going on diets! *LOL*

And ohh, today, the Indian cricket team completed a comprehensive win over the English sideby beating them by a huge margin of an innings and 46 runs!!! (wooo hooo!! ... way to go fellas!!). So, I'm quite happy about it!

Well, well, well... another Monday is drawing to a close and I can only hope it gets over quickly. I hate Mondays!!

Thats it for now...



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