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Monday, August 19, 2002

Monday Blues and musings on the weekend...

So today's Monday ... and a start of another week so to speak!!

Traditionally, the world over, Mondays are regarded as an unnecessary evil. Something that somehow has to end the blissful joy of a wonderful thing known as a 'weekend'. What a pity that Mondays come once every week! ... but on the other hand what good fortune that Mondays don't come along more than once a week. What am I speaking about?!... I'm sure most of you would infer from these statements that I've taken leave of my senses and I am just blabbering to fill up the space and to hog some bandwidth. In a way you would be right. Mondays do that to me!! After a relaxed couple of days, when I get up on a Monday morning, I find that many of my faculties are yet to wake up from the slumber... and so they stay in a dormant state throughout the day. Only the ability to get irritated is up and kicking. So, if you catch me on a Monday, don't worry, I'm quite a likeable guy on other days of the week.

To add some insult to injury, I found that tag-board.com messed up their act during the weekend and swallowed up few of the messages from my tagboard. Plus, enetation.co.uk was also offline for most of the weekend and so that meant no one who came to this site were able to comment. In short, the feedback mechanism on my blog site was f****d up over the weekend.

By the way, the weekend went off pretty well. Saturday was pretty relaxed for most of the part. In the evening though, my sis, Ashwini dragged me along to this place in Bandra called Globus. There was some sale going on over there. (It really is a mystery to me how the word 'Sale' attracts females. And I'm sure this is a global phenomenon. I definitely need somebody to explain to me why this is so.). After a tortuous couple of hours, Ashwini could not find anything to her liking and I ended up buying everything from undies to shirts and everything in between! God bless my sister! ... she bought me a pair of trousers! Anyways, I strongly suspect that the reason that I bought so many things for myself was the pretty assistant in the store who cheerfully helped me in my shopping! I'm glad that her friends called her for a coffee break otherwise I would have run up a lot more credit on my card! ;-)

They were showing Dil Chahta Hai on Star Plus on Saturday and I must say, I never get tired of seeing that movie. Its just too damn funny and touching at the same time. Great debut film by Farhan Akhtar. He's surely destined for greater things!

Sunday was one more wasted day. Wasted, if you consider good old dozing off as wasting the day! ;-) Nothing much happened in the evening either. The Hungarian F1 GP was being shown live on TV and I didn't have the enthusiasm to watch it. Normally I am a huge F1 and follow each race religiously. But this year, somehow, I get bored watching Ferrari win race after race without any competition from either BMW or McLaren. So, out of sheer boredom I surfed the net. While surfing I realized that I have an account on tripod and therefore I can put up my site there. So, I sat down to do just that. I'll probably have that site up and running in a few days time.

And oh yes! ... English Premier League kicked off this weekend and so now the evenings on weekends will have some purpose! ;-) Last year I rooted for Arsenal and it won. This year I have yet to decide my favourite team. But Arsenal looked awesome in their first outing against Birmingham. On the other hand Man U and Liverpool just about managed to get past their opponents.

Wow... this must be the longest blog ever from me!! ... I guess I have to wind up now. So, bye then... till next time!



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