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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Happy days are here again!

I've had absolutely no time to blog today!! ... been busy most of the day and then I had to attend this seminar in the afternoon. Absolutely bullshit... it was! ...dunno why I even attended it (I had a sneaking suspicion that it was gonna be a crappy session!). Then I went to the gym... and just returned from there!

While on the topic of working out... It seems I just overdid a few exercises a wee bit yesterday. It being my first visit to the gym after a gap of 2 months, my whole body started aching in the night. And I woke up this morning like an egyptian mummy... totally stiff in all the joints!! *LOL*

You know... I couldn't even raise my hand to my mouth to brush my teeth ... I had to raise my arm halfway and then lowered my head a little so that my teeth and the brush met midway... and my teeth got cleaned.

But things improved during the day... and by the evening, I could dare to go back to the gym and have another session of workout! ;-)

Well, as I said yesterday, its been a great day for me... with Tristorm.org elevating me to Star Site and even Amrita dedicating her blog to me. I'm getting to be quite the popular guy. *LMAO*

By the way... Congrats to Amrita for passing her driving test. Now, Mumbai has one more qualified driver! ... ;-)

Anyways, I got my look-alike (well, at least to some extent, he looks like me... but some people might not agree!) done at stor.co.uk. You can see it to the right ======>

Ok... I guess thats it for now... bye!



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