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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I'm the Fat Cat

Quite an uneventful day, today!

I casually happened to look into a full-length mirror and believe me I am not joking, I nearly let out a gasp. Instead of seeing a lean, mean, muscular torso (*LOL*... I wish!!), all I saw was the onset of a tyre developing around my waist.*eeeeeks*.

Its funny how a honest look in the mirror provides an unbeatable incentive to resume the daily workouts in the gym. It was just a glance in the mirror in the morning that did what a lot of coaxing and cajoling from friends could not do. So, here I am... resolute in my resolve to start going to the gym from today *LOL*. I only hope this doesn't turn out to be like those new-year resolutions (well, to be honest, I haven't broken the only resolution that I made at the start of this year. So, I'm not too bad at sticking to the decisions I make... or so I like to think!). But, the freeloader that I am, I'm just gonna use the company gym rather than pay up an astronomical amount to some gym(some time back, I used to think that paying huge fees to gyms would prove to be incentive enough for me to refrain from slacking off w.r.t. the workouts in the gym)

Oh well... with workouts come diets and I hate going on diets as you all already must have realized from one of my articles (link's available in the control panel, to the right).

And, mom had made an absolutely delightful sabzi made from mushrooms n spring onions. mmmm... the tangy taste of that excellent preparation is still lingering on my tongue (don't worry, I did rinse my mouth after the lunch!) ;-)

Ummm... what else happened today?!... *sheeeesh* ... nothing happens around here! ... I'm such a boring guy! *LOL*

Well, yours truly got a Star Site rating at Tristorm.org. (I have this broad smile on my face right now!). Thanks a ton Abe!! :-)

Hey, now I really got to run off to the gym! As someone has said... Procrastination killed the enthusiasm... well, to be frank, nobody said that... it was just me! ;-) So, the point is... I should haul my butt to the gym and resume my love-affair with the treadmill and the dumbbells. ;-)

Okay... thats it for now... see you all again tomorrow!



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