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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I just did something absolutely wicked! he he he!!

We're currently lightly loaded as far as work goes... so few of us here in the office decided to sneak out and enjoy a go-karting session. So, we did just that! ... We ran off to this go-karting circuit at Hiranandani in Powai and did a few laps of the circuit there. Enjoyed it tremendously!! It was a great relief from the monotony of work. Added to it was the fact that I managed the best timings yet again!... *grinning widely*

And then... there was this movie being shot near the karting circuit. They were shooting a fight sequence with lots of overturned and trashed cars and stuff like that. Anil Kapoor was the hero... and he was sitting under an umbrella wearing a yellow jersey which had seen better days. A makeup-man was putting touches of fake blood on his clothes and face. Suddenly, Anil Kapoor got up and simply walked around the set checking out the lighting and stuff. There was a roar from the crowd gathered to see the shooting... they all started cheering him, u see! ... LOL. Well, just bcos of this shooting, we had to take a detour to reach the circuit. So, when we took the detour and passed this movie set from the rear side, we could see lots of dummies lying strewn on the road. It must be a pretty violent scene that they were shooting... with dummies flying out of crashing cars and all! ... ha ha ha ... that's Bollywood for you!!

Okay... so thats it for now! :-)... cheers!


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