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Friday, August 16, 2002

Heyyy! ... its India's 55th Independence Day today! ... Long live India! I am really proud to be an Indian and I'm sure so are the millions of Indians across the world!

So, I had a holiday today. Spent it at home... relaxing completely! I did nothing... nothing at all, the entire day... slept... listened to radio (these new FM channels are great!) ... ate home-cooked meals (something I miss when I'm at the workplace)... and slept some more! *LOL*

Well, finally in the evening I went to this new supermarket which has opened recently at Phoenix Mills compound. Its called Big Bazaar. And boy!... is it BIG!!! ... just too damn big and today being a holiday... it was just too damn crowded! Checked out a few things there... a new Nokia model (a cell-phone model, I must specify!) caught my eye. It was loaded with features and was good looking too! ... but I wasn't loaded with cash and so I deferred buying it. But I liked it a lot! :-)

The I went to Planet M which is just next door to this Big Bazaar. It was supposed to be Planet M's 3rd anniversary. I picked up a few casettes n CDs... (bought a casette of Bombay Dreams... Rehman has supposedly outdone himself in this album... will have to check it out!). I also bought a computer game... its been a long time since I bought one! :-)

So, all in all... not a bad day!... and just one day to go for the weekend to arrive!! :-))

Ok... so I guess thats it for now! cheers!!

... and oh yes! ... if you want to check out some of my scribblings (my pseudo 'literary' efforts!!), then you will find them on the links on the control panel to the right of the page! ;-)


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