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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

This was supposed to be published about 15-16 hours back when it was still yesterday here! *LOL*... anyways...

To buy a cell...

Seems like Blogger is having some problems while posting. Or maybe... its just me!!

So... a short and simple blog 2de!

I finally went out and bought myself a new cell-phone! ... a Nokia 6510!! ... Its a beauty!!... I mean, looks-wise, its no big shakes, but its crammed with lotsa features and goodies! Its got a phone-book with space for 500 entries, each with the name, upto 3 phone nos, address, e-mail id and homepage. Then, it has space enough to store 150 SMS text messages. Its got calendar, a to-do list, voice-dialling, voice-commands, voice-recorder, stopwatch, alarm clock, GPRS mode, its WAP enabled, infra-red port, yadda... yadda!! ... Another great feature is that its got a FM radio!! :-))

My trousers are still smoking, though, after this 6510 burnt a small hole in my pockets!! ... It set me back by Rs. 15,500. But for the features it has, I guess thats a fair enough price to pay for it. Too bad, unlike some people, no one gifts me cell-phones!! ...(*LOL*... just kidding... just kidding!!)

For a long time in the shop, I was confused... since the saleswoman showed me lotsa phones of different brands. In the end, it came down to making a choice between Nokia 6510 and Motorola V60. I selected the Nokia model since I am not very comfortable with flip-top phones!

Well, anyways... I'm still getting used to the functions on 6510.

Today is my sister's birthday!!... Happy Birthday to her!!!... I have to leave early from office today, since I'll be picking up the cake from a cake-shop in Andheri and then I'm planning to visit Shopper's Stop to hunt for some gifts for her. Tell, me... has anyone tried the cakes from Merwans at Andheri??... They are absolutely yummy!!... way better than big names like, Birdy's and Monginis!!

So... thats it for now!! ... more later!... gotta go and select a nice cake! ;-)



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