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Monday, October 28, 2002


I seriously think that there is someone out there playing games with me. Out there, meaning really out there... *points to the sky*... !!! And they've chosen something as innocent as an animated movie called Shrek as the plaything!!

Consider this...
Over the last month, I've searched high and low for a VCD of Shrek. As I've already mentioned in some of my previous blogs, I could not find a copy of Shrek in any of the stores that I visited. This includes the high-profile Planet M stores, a couple of video-shops near my home, a couple more not-so-near my home and even online at Fabmart. At all these places I was, very courteously, told that no copies of the said VCD were in stock. I dunno why, but everytime I got a negative response at any shop, I became more obsessed with trying to hunt down a VCD for myself. Suku even offered to lend me her copy. That was extremely sweet of her!! Thanks a bunch for that offer, Suku!! :)
Okay... so the bottomline is that I was getting desperate (yeah! I know it sounds foolish!... and IT IS!!!)

So, this weekend, when I had been to Crossroads (for those who don't know... it's a shopping mall in Mumbai... and not the Britney Spears movie!!)... I just casually sauntered into Groove, the music shop. And there it was!! Displayed in all its glory... the VCD of Shrek! My eyes lit up and I grabbed it... before someone whisked it away from right under my nose!!

After I came home, feeling pleased with myself for getting the sought-after disc, I logged on to the Net to check up my mails. And what should I find there?!!!... A mail reminder from Fabmart informing me with great joy that they were, at long last and after much efforts, able to procure the VCD for me and had promptly shipped it to me!!

Its true what they say in Hindi... Bhagwan deta hai to chhappar phad ke deta hai. Translated, it means, when God gives he gives by tearing the roof. Ummm... I think I messed up the translation... but what the heck!... two days back I was Shrek-less. Today, I'm over-Shreked!!

I think I've shrieked enough about Shrek

Other news is that I have managed to make one more dent in my Feed-the-Greed list I had blogged about a couple of weeks earlier. As I have already mentioned, I had been to Crossroads on Saturday. The main motive behind going there was to buy myself a watch. So, veni... vidi... compravo!! (that... I think, means I came, I saw, I bought!... though don't quote me on that!!) ;)

I bought a Swatch Irony! Its a chronograph with a dial of polished steel and a strap of dull polished metal. It looks a bit flashy... but what the heck!! ;)

Well, due to the Diwali promotion offers, I got two D'signer brand watches for free!... alongwith the Swatch!!... so I got three watches at the price of one! ;)

All throughout the weekend I was either shopping or doing some Diwali cleaning at home. In the time I managed to squeeze in between these activities, I started reading Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring. I'm just a 100 pages into the book and I'm already in love with it! The flowing narrative sucks you in and makes you a co-conspirator in the adventures of Frodo, Sam and company! Its wonderful... and I just can't wait to sink my fangs deeper into this amazing adventure!! ;)

Yesterday, I wanted to go and see The Road to Perdition with my friends. But as luck would have it, it was being screened only a three theatres in Mumbai and two of those were less-than-decent. And even the decent enough theatre was screening it at an inconvenient time. So, we had to drop that plan and instead we went and saw xXx (Triple X)!! I intend to write a full-length review for that movie... but in brief (in brief... not in briefs!) I can only say that if you want to go and see xXx... heed this advice...
1> Suspend your disbelief
2> Unscrew your head and keep it in your lap
3> Stock up the pop-corn and cola
4> Enjoy the action!!

Okay folks... I guess before I ramble any further... I'll take your leave for the moment. But before I leave... here's a verse from LOTR-FOTR that I liked...

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.


P.S.: Tomorrow... I would be spending the day at The Taj Lands End (formerly The Regent), as I would be attending the Intel Developer Forum conference there. The keynote speakers for the event would include the CTO of Intel. So, I've got to be on my best behaviour with formal clothes and sober demeanour... especially since I would be representing my organization! ...*LOL* ... such responsibility!! ;)


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