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Monday, October 28, 2002

Jo kuch kahoonga 'search' kahoonga... 'search' ke sivay kuch nahi kahoonga!

Just checked out the results of tracking the visits on this page. Last week, I had done something similar and posted the results on my blog. Check out the latest four search queries on Yahoo and Google that have resulted in hits on this page...

26 Oct, Sat, 20:00:05 Yahoo: "shop blogs"
28 Oct, Mon, 05:06:44 Google: andhra sexy girls
28 Oct, Mon, 06:32:27 Google: sexy clothes for arabic girls
28 Oct, Mon, 07:13:43 Yahoo: Nokia 6510 Infra red problem

Now... what can I say?!!! *LMAO*
Let me assure you that I have no knowledge of any "sexy andhra girls" nor do I buy or sell "sexy clothes for arabic girls"!!! ;-)

Search engines can be unintentionally hilarious!!



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