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Thursday, October 24, 2002


Its happened!! Just as I predicted it would!!

Yesterday evening, I, just offhand, told my sister, "Take my word for it... Salman will be granted bail tomorrow!"

And guess what?!!... Salman indeed got bailed out today!! Read about it here!!

Strange!!... I didn't know I could predict things!! Nostradamus... move over!... Supersam's here!! ;)

By the way... check this out... it appeared on some discussion board at ndtv.com...apparently Salman still has some supporters!

MY SALLU WE ARE ALWAYS WITH U WE WILL FIGHT TILL U R RELEASED.COME WHAT MAY WE ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR U. We will protest and continue to message till Salman is releasd.Well he did pay 10 lakh rs to that useless victim why there is so much hue and cry about that.My Sallu is suffering in jail poor boy.I dont know why everybody is so against.Everybody is jealous of his good body,well i guess u people dont have the sexy abs he has got.He is so hot and sexy,We miss his dance and the acting he has done.We will start a dharna soon and will start a signature campaign for his release.
-Meghna and Veena(India)

Well... its difficult to keep a straight face after reading it!!... *LOL*



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