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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

The disappearing page trick!

I just tried to access this page i.e. http://supersam5.blogspot.com and voila!... an arabic page loaded up!! This particular page was a BlogSpot page... with a blog written in Arabic!!

I was like... "What the heck!?!!"... someone has taken over my page!!... and with all the things happening in the world... it was hard not to be slightly paranoid!! ;)

But then I thought... "Why am I being paranoid?!!"... why would terrorists hijack my page!?. So... I reloaded/refreshed the page. And still the arabic page loaded up instead of mine. In desperation... I hit the Refresh button on the browser a few more times... but to no avail!! The lifelog of some Arabian fellow confronted me instead of the usual rants of this Indian! The inability to decipher even an iota of the curly script visible on the screen compounded my vexation. And I did not know what to do!

So... I took a coffee break... and downed a cup of an especially strong and bitter brew. Coming back to my cubicle, I shut off Internet Explorer and restarted it. I tried to load my page... again! Lo and behold!... the familiar black layout loaded up and there it was... my page in all its glory!!

*LOL*... I really dunno what had happened! Must've been some glitch... somewhere!... I'm glad that its been resolved now!...

Aren't you too?! ;)



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