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Thursday, October 24, 2002

An ode to Maharashtrian girls!

Came across this today while browsing through my bloated inbox, trying to delete some mails!!

Read... Sing... Enjoy!!!

Delhi girls are cultured, they'll show you a good time
Malayali girls seems so innocent, but ya know what's on their mind
Andhra girls are bashful, Bengalis are so cosy
Kashmiri girls keep you warm at night with their cheeks so rosy

Punjabi girls are flirts, Oriya girls are charming
And Tamil girls squeeze you so tight, they really are alarming
But there's one place in this whole land where I'm never lonely
'Cause the cuttest girls in all the world are in Maharashtra only

I wish they all could be Maharashtra girls !
I wish they all could be Maharashtra girls !




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