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Monday, October 21, 2002

Just some searching questions!...

Just saw the result of site-tracking for my blog-page... i.e. the page you are reading right now!...

This page came up in a few searches through search engines like google, yahoo, etc. Well... the last 10 searches that showed up my page are...

Google: getting cat urine out of feather pillow
Yahoo: sameer
Google: Band of boys Mumbai
Google: wankhede crowd
Google: fabindia pune
Google: blog tagboard
Yahoo: sameer
Google: e- shop of kutchi handicrafts
Google: spiderman shop blogs
Yahoo: how do you put on a tradtional saree

The first and the last ones are plain hilarious!!... I was ROFLMAOPIMP when I read those!! ;-)

So, what search queries point to your page?



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