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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

On a day like this!

Nothing has been right today! Its just one of those days!!

I woke up in the morning, only to discover that my dormant tooth-ache had decided to make its presence felt. The ache (ache is probably too mild a word for what I was experiencing this morning!) was causing the entire right-hand side of my face to throb rythmically with an occasional stab of lightning shooting out from my lower jaw running all the way up to my temple!

With gritted teeth, I bore all that pain till it took mercy on me and subsided. I resolved to visit the dentist as soon as possible. But since Diwali is just round the corner, I felt I should be able to eat all the Diwali goodies. So, I decided that I should schedule my visit the the dentist only after Diwali was over. (I know that my decision was foolish... but inertia and lethargy scored over reason!)

Cut to the office... where, all of a sudden, a bad case of headache hit me! It was as if ten heavy metal bands were simultaneously playing some rip-roaring music right inside my head. And I'm not exaggerating!!

Very soon, I had burning eyes, itchy throat and heavy eyelids. I was also feeling slightly chilly. I detect the onset of a fever. Lets hope it stays away!!

Just then... the fluorescent tube situated right above my cubicle flickered for some time and then literally in a puff of smoke, blew out!! The acrid odour of an electrical fire hung heavy in the air as the smoke from the burnt out fuse drifted stealthily, clinging to the ceiling. To make matters worse, the smoke detector failed to detect the smoke that brazenly drifted past it!!

After lunch, I did not go for the customary after-lunch walk since it was too sunny. Instead I decided to pass some time by making some enhancements to this page. So, I registered for a free page-hit counter service and put up their code on this page. But as luck would have it... the page-hit counter refuses to work!! You can see for yourself that it shows 000000 even though I know for a fact that this page has been viewed number of times since that code was put up!

Today, Onkar wrote, on his blog, about an article which highlighted the sorry fact that our elected representatives do not know much about the national anthem. I commented on his blog by saying that it was disgusting to see our politicians so ignorant about our national anthem. All very acceptable... you might think! But somehow I mentioned that Vande Mataram was our national anthem. When Sat rightly pointed out my blunder, I felt absolutely embarassed!!... complete with blushing and the works!! I can't, for the life of me, imagine what possessed me to make such an elementary mistake!! I just wanted to bury my head in the ground like those ostriches!! ... In Bambaiyya lingo... ekdum popat ho gaya!!
Onkar even pronounced a punishment for me to help atone my sins!!... He says, and I quote...
"haha...go write janaganamana is the national anthem 10 times..while you are standing on one leg, holding the chalk in your mouth!"

I guess I'll do just that!! :-)

So you see!!... its been one of those days!!... everything I touched, turned to stone! ... somewhat of a reverse-Midas touch!... In case you happen to bump into me today, run away as fast as possible!! ;-)

I just hope that today ends quickly as possible and that I don't carry today's luck into tomorrow!!



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