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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Its raining birthdays!!...

Well... Blogger seems to be in fine shape today!... Yesterday, it was down and I could not publish my entry. So, it was only today morning that I managed to publish yesterday's entry!...hmmm... all's well that ends well... or so it is alleged!

Yesterday evening, I managed to huff and puff my way into Shopper's Stop at Andheri(W), after the company bus dropped me off on the east side of the station. Its really hot and stuffy here in Mumbai, and I'm getting a bit out of shape, nowadays!. Plus, the shirt I was wearing yesterday did not lend itself well to sweat. As a result, I was almost embarassed to enter the store with my shirt soaking in sweat and showing it! Well, enter I did!... and made my way to the top floor which houses the cavernous premises of Planet M. I wanted to pick up a couple of VCDs for my sister on her birthday. Having searched high and low... (literally!), I enquired at the helpdesk, only to be informed that the VCD of Shrek was out of stock... and had been for quite some time!. Sheesh!!... now thats the third time I've been made to hear this line while trying to buy Shrek's VCD... I mean.. can't they stock up?!!... and Shrek was a majorly famous movie!!! ... But that was quite as apparent when I asked one of the salesmen there about where I could find Shrek. He asked me to repeat the name twice since he could not make out what I was asking. And then when he got the name of the movie... he stared at me with a dumbass look and asked..."Is it an English movie?!!"... Well....:-\

So, I made my way to Merwans... to buy the cake! As usual, the tiny shop was filled to the brim and overflowing... its air-conditioning system struggling gallantly to keep its cool. I had to wait while the couple of guys before me were trying to decide what cake to buy... and were having a hard time deciding! Finally, when my turn arrived, I had no hesitation in selecting the Lemon Crackle cake.... its heavenly!! :-) ... and that too... juuust Rs. 180/- for 1 Kg... which is really peanuts if you've been accustomed to buying your cakes from the much-hyped-up Birdy's. And the thing that takes the cake at Birdy's is that those despicable little misers charge extra for getting the name written on the cake!!... well... what can I say!!? :-|

The bus ride back to home was painfully slow... partly due to the traffic jams along SV road and partly due to the mouth-watering aroma, wafting out of the box that I was carrying on my lap, which played tricks with my hungry stomach! ;-)

When I got off at my stop, I had to do one more thing before reaching home. I had to buy my sister a wind-chime... well, you know... all that Feng-Shui and stuff!. So, then I went to this store called Nirmitee which is quite close to our house. They have some wonderful stuff if you want to buy some art stuff... handicrafts, antiques, idols, etc. There, I bought a lovely ethnic chic wind-chime... and had it gift-wrapped!

After reaching home, I found my sis and my parents, waiting for the cake. After the customary clapping and singing Happy Birthday to youuuuu, my sis cut the cake and I had a grand time plastering her face with the soft lemon flavoured icing!! ;-)

The wind-chime immediately found itself hanging in the window of the living room. But, since the weather was stuffy and nearly completely wind-less... we could not enjoy the tinkling of the chimes! Normally, it would have made a racket... tinkling away to glory in the stiff breeze that carries into our sea-facing living room.

The next thing I knew was that I had a plate in my hands with generous quantity of ragda patties that my mom had made. And almost before I had finished that... came another helping. Following that... I was subjected to lots of sweets and ice-cream. At the end of it... I was practically immobilized with a full stomach and an inertia against motion that comes along with it! ;-)

Well, I didn't have anything more to do anyways... so I slept!... Strangely, it was a nice deep sleep... unlike the fitful slumber that usually ensues after an especially heavy meal. And, I was thankful for that!! :-)

Thats all about yesterday! I guess I blogged more about my sister's birthday than I had done about mine!...*LOL*

Today was a very busy day at the office!... and since the problem that I was solving today has remained insoluble tiil now, I can see that another busy day beckons tomorrow! But... I enjoy it when I'm busy with work!! :-)

Another thing that made yesterday special was that I got a call from my friend from Pune after God-knows-how-many months!! And it came totally out of the blue!! He's supposed to fly to Toronto this Saturday and would be in Mumbai to catch the flight. He said he was gonna spend the Saturday evening in a guest-house and wanted to meet me before he left. I almost shouted at him and told him that no way was he gonna spend time in the guest house and asked him to come to my place. So, I'm looking forward to Saturday!

Hmmm... for the moment though... thats all I have to blog about!... more tomorrow! :-)



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