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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Virtual Reality

I got a lot of feedback for the statement I made in yesterday's blog, about my facial features resembling those of Milind Soman. Now, I would like to clarify that those were not my views. Hell!... I feel I look like a complete dork. Looking like some successful model is miles away!! So, I guess that settles the matter... wot say?! ;-)

If you really want to know how I look like... well... then look at my stortrooper *LOL*. And if even that does not satisfy your curiousity, then just click on the stortrooper. What you would see is the closest representation of moi that can be achieved without actually photographing me. (or without a good artist painting my portrait!). That is a virtual 3D model of me, which I created at this site. Cool, ain't it?! ;-)

Now... does virtual Sameer look even remotely similar to Milind Soman?... I say no!!

Apart from creating the virtual model, I got a lot of work done today here at the workplace. So, I'm quite glad with the way my day passed. After all, its not often that your programs compile at the first shot without any errors! :-)

I also got my team registered for SuperSelector, the fantasy cricket competition run by ESPN-Star Sports. Its being revived after a gap of 4 months and with the ICC Champions Trophy just round the corner, it promises to be an exciting time with lots of cricket to watch on TV and lots of SuperSelector action on the Net. But, I guess without the presence of players like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, the tournament would not be the same! Unless some miracle occurs and they sign the ICC contract, I can't see them playing in the tournament. But then, thats ok!

Among other things... Sindhu got a new layout and Amrita linked me at her site and I returned the favour in the same token. :-)

Lastly, my tooth is killing me... and I can't stand the pain! I guess I should visit the dentist soon. But the prospect of a drill entering my mouth isn't so enticing... in fact it is downright scary!! :-(

Well, anyways... thats all from me for the day!



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