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Monday, September 02, 2002

Ahh!... the blog continues!! ;-)

So... where was I?! ... ummmm... ohh yes! ... I finished describing Signs. Well, after Signs, we had a wonderful time at Ovenfresh (at Shivaji Park... which is just a hop-skip-and-jump away from Starcity, the place where we saw Signs). We ordered pizza (actually Radhika ordered the pizza)) with all the possible vegetarian toppings, then we ordered a sizzler (I think, Faiz ordered that) and we really dug into some delicious, heavenly pastries at the end of it!! A wonderful repast!! *LOL

Then while returning home, I went to this arts & handicrafts store near our house called Nirmitee. They have this Lord Ganesha handicrafts mela going on (which was inaugurated by Bejan Daruwala, the lovable Parsi bloke who writes weekly forecast column in the Sunday Times of India). They had such amazing variety of artefacts on Lord Ganesha... tiny idols to huge ones, paintings, earthern diyas, lanterns, stone carvings, crystal pieces, etc. I bought a small idol to place on top of my PC. It is small and really well carved and looks kinda cute!

Ok... so Saturday turned into Sunday without any further notable incident. Sunday was again, like usual, a relaxed day. I have a policy that since I have two days off in a week, I keep Sunday aside for total relaxation and so, I throw a tantrum if I am made to work on a Sunday. Saturday is okay... I allow myself to work a little on Saturday, but Sunday is a complete holiday.! :-)

There wasn't much that happened on Sunday. Michael Schumacher won... yet again! If this continues, then I don't think I'll stay an F1 fan for long!! Among other things, India and Germany clashed in a Champion's Trophy hockey match. Indians played well and kept up the pressure on the Germans right throughout the match, but a defensive mistake in the last few minutes saw India concede a penalty corner which the Germans converted and won the match 3-2. Tough luck for the Indians!

Ok... nothing much to report. But, I've been saving the best for the last!!! ... Abe sent me my first ever fansign!!! ... ain't that grand!!?? Well, here it is!!...
Thanx a ton, Abe!!!

That was just too damn sweet of you, Abe!! :-)) Three cheers for you!!!

Well, I guess, thats it for now. Meet you all again tomorrow... same place... and possibly the same time! *LOL*



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