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Tuesday, September 03, 2002


Two things that happened in the last week apart from the movie Signs, got me thinking if indeed there is a greater force that guides our lives. This has got nothing to do with religion or God (after all, according to me, God is nothing more than the manifestation of all the good qualities that we expect in a human being, plus a couple of miracles thrown in for good measure!). I'm not an atheist nor am I a hardcore theist. Oh well... I digress!

So, both the things that happened to me last and that I'm referring to now, happened in BEST buses(for the uninitiated, BEST stands for Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport. The excellent public bus service run by BEST is one of the lifelines of Mumbai alongwith the local trains. I'm sure Mumbaiites would concur with the view that BEST is indeed the best!). So, I was travelling home from office last Thursday and I took a different route home than usual. I was sitting in a window seat listening to my walkman, when from the corner of my eye I saw something flying towards me. Before I had anytime to react, a stone struck the gap between two windows (right next to where I was sitting) and the sound of the impact had my ears ringing. Some dirt/soil from the stone hit me on my face. I realized from the sound that it was a biggish stone and had it not been for that gap between the windows, I could have had my face split open!!

The other incident occurred the next day, i.e Friday. Situation was pretty similar to the earlier day's incident. I was sitting in a BEST bus (this time I was taking my normal route home), listening to my walkman... again in a window seat! Now, during the rainy season, the Mumbai roads are an unholy mess... riddled with more potholes than there are craters on the moon's entire surface. So, at a traffic signal, the bus eased to a halt. As it slowly came to a standstill, one of the rear tyres of the bus hit a pothole and the bus tilted slightly sideways and hit the broadside of a truck standing very close by. The tarpaulin covered metal frame of the truck hit the gap between the windows which were right next to me. Once again, I was saved by the slightest of margins... literally missed by a whisker.

Well, two incidents on two consecutive days that could have resulted in a badly bruised face... optimistically speaking! And to top it all, I went and saw Signs, the next day i.e. Saturday. And Signs speaks about the very same thing... all that happens, has a meaning... you just have to see the signs and interprete them!

*LOL*... this is not about religion or faith! Just a series of strange coincidences that occured to me last week. Nothing more to it! But... what do you people think?!

Anyways... today while I was having lunch, a colleague looked at me and remarked that I bear resemblance to Milind Soman. I dunno whatever gave him the idea!!! ... *LMAO* ... as far as I can tell, I can see no similarity. But another colleague agreed with him and I didn't know whether they were serious or the joke was on me! ha ha ha!... But the strange thing is that the only other person who has ever said that my facial features are similar to Milind Soman's, is my mom. Now... I can't go upto any person and ask him if I remind him of Milind Soman... *ROTFL*. I'm sure to be laughed at if I do that! ;-)

But on the other hand... if I keep a couple of days' stubble and flex my muscles a bit, then perhaps... (there I go...!!! *LOL*)

Anyways, enuf said about me... actually more than enuf said about me!!

Ok... among other news... the Indian cricketers got an ally in the form of the South African cricket team. The South Africans too decided to refrain from signing the controversial ICC contract. The Indians had been isolated in their opposition to the ambush marketing clause in the contract and now that they've got support from SA., they might renew their protest. Good!! ... the greedy ICC needs to be taught a lesson.

Hey... Amrita is going places as far as her new domain is concerned. She set up a blog site on her domain, today... and it is a fantastic site. Great work, Amrita!! Keep it up!

So I come to the end of yet another day's blog! Hope I did not bore you too much!



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