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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I had just been to the canteen downstairs. And it started raining quite a lot. The canteen has a transparent roof (translucent atually! ... for the people who like to do nitpicking on semantics). So, the rain splashing merrily on the roof was a great sight (and made a not-too-bad sound too!! *LOL*).
All this rain has certainly brought down the temperatures in Mumbai (Bombay, for those who don't know that they are one and the same!). So, it was wonderful to sit in the canteen with the heavy downpour outside, a chill in the air and eating steaming stuff! :-)
So there... having eaten, I'm now ready to face another gruelling travel back home. But you people just pray that I reach home fast. Spending four hours travelling back from work isn't how I like to spend my evenings!! ... (even for a self-confessed geek that I am!!) ;-)
So long... I gotta move my butt out of this place before it starts to pour again... bye!


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