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Monday, August 05, 2002

I wanted to write something on saturday itself, but my laziness did not allow me to do that! anyways... they say that its better late than never! ;-)
well, I just had the most amazing wekend! I just couldn't put a foot right for the last three days. I had become somewhat of a reverse Midas... I mean everything I touched, flopped!!
This Linux problem that I've been talking about in my last few blogs has almost succeeded in driving me insane. As I told a friend, the only thing that remained to be done was to climb on the desk and tear out my hair in disgust and frustration!! *LOL*
Saturday was ruined due to this problem. I had to go shopping with Ashwini (my sis!) in the evening. But the rains and the (in)famous Mumbai roads ganged up and it took me more time to reach my home from the office, than it takes for me to drive all the way to Pune!!
well... if saturday was a bitch! ... Sunday was the mother of all bitches in the world! ... but more about it in some time... ;-)


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