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Thursday, August 01, 2002

watta day!! ... absolutely frustrating! Been tryin' to set up a network card on a linux box and like a stubborn mule, the machine refuses to accept that card. I dunno where time fled during the day... I was just so involved in this thing! Ahh! ... this is getting too technical... not a very good thing, is it?! ;-)
Umm... lets see what else happened...
Ahhh yes! ... it was a great day for India at the Commonwealth Games yesterday. Not so much in the amount of golds/silvers that we got... but the kind of wins that we achieved yesterday were phenomenal. Aparna Popat's win over top-seed Permana of Australia, Indian boxers' domination of their opponents, few more golds in weightlifting. But yesterday's greatest win was the one that the women's hockey team achieved over the South Africans. The South Africans were leading 3-0 at half-time. Then early in the 2nd half, India scored, but were 2 goals behind for the major part of the half. In the last 10 mins, the Indians launched a blitzkreig and scored two quick goals that broke South Africans' backs. The match went into extra time which has the Golden goal rule. In the dying moments of trhe first half of extra time, an innocuous looking push by a South African on a comparatively diminutive Indian girl led to a penalty corner. With the clock having ticked over into half time, the Indians slammed in the penalty corner to complete a remarkable game. I rate this win on par with India's historic win over England in the Natwest trophy finals on 13th July 2002 at Lords. Hats off to the Indian women's hockey team!!
Oops!! ... too much blabbering!!
I HAVE to get this Linux box set up correctly. So, I'll take your leave for the moment and get back to work.... but darn!! ... AC's stopped working... and its become much too stuffy for my liking... :-(
Anyways... ciao! ;-)


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