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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Man!!... I had a great time reaching home yesterday. With all the rain that we've had in Mumbai yesterday, it took me 4 hrs from door to door... that is definitely a new record! But I don't wanna create such records... noooo wayyy!!
I left the office at 7 PM and reached Andheri station at arnd 10:20 PM... a distance usually covered in just abt 30 mins. It was reaaaallllly frustrating at first sitting in the company bus, stuck in the traffic. But then the alternatives weren't very attractive either. Walking (or rather... wading) thru knee deep water isn't my cup of tea... especially given the state of Mumbai roads (you never know when you might step into an open gutter!). Well, so I slept for the first hour... and then didn't know what to do. All I could do was to look outside the bus and pity the souls who had to walk since their cars, cabs, autorickshaws simply could not continue through the flooded streets (you see it was so flooded that the cars were sunk in that water upto their bonnets!!)
There were a couple of funny scenes though! At one signal, two cars (both Marutis... one an 800, the other a Zen) had conked off right in the middle of the traffic jammed road. Mechanics were working furiously under the bonnets trying to get them going. There was a huuuge truck stuck right behind these cars. The truck driver was honking and abusing away to glory! *LOL*
Another scene involved a Sumo, an Indica and an autorickshaw. The Indica was stuck between the Sumo and the auto. Suddenly the Sumo lurched forward and struck the Indica's rear bumper. The Indica propelled forward by the impact crashed into the autorickshaw's behind. What followed was a royal abusing match beween all the three drivers and the occupants! ... The loudest of them was an elderly lady from the Indica. She was shouting the choicest and the most unheard of profanities in a loud and shrill voice. It was too funny!
Finally... reached Andheri station at arnd 10:20 PM. The bus driver was kind enuf to drop us at Andheri West so that we coudl just jump into the station without having to walk on the flooded road on the eastside. The, got the fast local almost immediately and finally reached home at arnd 11 PM. Mom was waiting for me... she had not eaten dinner yet (very very sweet of her!!). So, I got to end the day with a nice hot, steaming dinner!! ... ummmm! yay!!
Oh yes, Ashwini reached Bangalore right on time. Sunanda (her friend) picked her up from the station. It seems they went to see Bend it like Beckham in the evening. Thats one great movie. I definitely recommend it strongly!! ... even if you like soccer or don't! ;-)
Well... I guess thats it for now!
Cheers! :-)


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