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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Yesterday, I had talked about how bad Saturday was and claimed that Sunday was even more awful. Well now, you judge for yourself! *LOL*
Since I couldn't make it on time on Saturday, I couldn't go shopping with Ashwini. So, it got carried over to Sunday. As it happened, the rain gods decided to have 'mercy' on us 'Mumbaikars' and opened the taps to their fullest. It really rained cats and dogs (... and pigs and cows and horses ...). There wasn't a full minute all morning when the rain had halted completely. So, when it slowed down somewhat, we left home for shopping. The roads were waterlogged at places and it made driving difficult. About halfway to the shop, I felt something was not right with the clutch pedal... there was wayyy too much play in it. As usual, my spidey sense tingled *LOL* but I promptly chose to ignore it. Just a little further down the road, when I was waiting at a red-light, I realized that the clutch was sadly no more! I tried to put the car into gear, but without the assistance of the clutch, the gear stick remained stuck in the neutral position and I found myself stuck in the middle of the road. As, I furiously tried to bring the car into first gear, cars, buses, trucks started honking behind me!! In the confusion, I dunno how the gear slipped into the 'reverse' position and then refused to budge from there. I got out of the car and tried to push the car to the side of the road. Consider for a moment, the situation I was in... stuck in the middle of the main road with a stalled car, trying to push it while at the same time trying to be oblivious to the cacophony of horns and abuses from the drivers stuck behind my car. To this add a heavy downpour... and that should make my misery very clear to you!! ;-)


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