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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

sheesh!! ... just came back from a loooong meeting. It was a presentation - thoroughly technical. I had some difficulty keeping myself from drifting away into slumberland. Now I'm gonna go to the gym and get down to some serious working out. I've been away from the gym for nearly a month now and I'm sure my arms will be like jelly after about 30 minutes in the gym. But then, as they say... no gain without pain!! Or is it the other way round?... I never know! hahaha
There's a tiny devil sitting on my left shoulder who is telling me to forget about going to the gym, but the little fella in white and with a halo over his head sitting on my right shoulder says that working out is good for me!! ...rats!! ... choices!!
oh well!!... the good fell won! ... I'm going to the gym. bbye :-)


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