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Monday, November 25, 2002

Radio Ga-Ga

Today, while coming back from office, while sitting in the bus, I was listening to radio on my cellphone. I was tuned into Win 94.6 FM, one of the several radio channels that have captured the imagination of the average Mumbaikar since the Government threw open the Mumbai airwaves to private radio broadcasting, earlier this year. The time was just about 9:00 PM and a chirpy duo of DJs gave way to a deeper baritone of Roshan Abbas.

Roshan Abbas hosts a delightful programme called Khanak, which focusses completely on old Hindi film songs. The best part about it is that they stick very religiously to the condition that songs only upto the 70's decade will be played on air from 9:00 PM to 12:00 midnight, the duration of the programme. Any song, however good or famous, but released after the 70's will not be played. This condition means that for old Hindi film music buffs like me, it presents a veritable feast for the ears. Old, often forgotten, but very melodious songs are the norm. Once the programme starts, I lean back on the backrest of the seat, in the bus, close my eyes and submit myself to the heady magic of those tunes, of an era past!... Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Geeta Bali transport me to the time when melody was king. :-)

Completely at an antipode with respect to Khanak is the programme that is broadcast at 7:00 AM on the same radio channel. Hosted by probably the chirpiest and most effervescent DJ on radio, Malishka, this programme starts off my day on the right note!... Well, it managed to drive away my Monday blues today morning, as a result of which I was in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Hmm... that's enough about radio, I suppose!

Well, today I downloaded the trailor of The Two Towers, the second instalment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (actually, its not a trilogy! ... its just one story split up into three parts!). I'm currently reading The Two Towers and as I was seeing the trailor, I just couldn't help but feel amazed... since what I saw in the trailor was the exactly the way that I had visualized the scenes while reading the book... exactly!! Now, I just can't wait for the film to be released so that I can go and see it!!! :-)
Thanks to Teshu because it was from his blog that I came across the link to the trailor of this film!

That's all that I can think of at this moment! ... suddenly my brain has clammed up and I have hit a writer's block... for the moment! ;-)



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