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Sunday, November 24, 2002

A little bit of good old Sunday blogging!

This post is a first in a couple of ways. This is the first time I'm posting a full length blog from home. All my earlier blogs have been from the office. The reason for this has been the fact that I invariably return home from office at around 2130 to 2200 hours daily. After which, I'm too pooped out to start the PC, let alone sit and write. Oh well! ... enough of cribbing! ... So! ... this is my first post from the home!... that's one of the firsts!

The second first (if ever there is such thing as a second first!... hehehe) is that this is the first time I'm posting a blog through any place other than the standard web-based blogging interface available at Blogger. I've posted this blog using w.bloggar, the freeware tool that makes the blogging experience so easy. The biggest advantage of using w.bloggar is that it provides a one-stop solution to write a post, edit it, format it, do a spell check on it, connect to Blogger and post/publish the blog there... all using just a single application!... and without having to connect to the Net except to post/publish the post. The text editing and formatting facilities in w.bloggar are extremely powerful and easy to use. Most of these features that it provides are available only to premium (read, paid!) users of Blogger. It also provides a way to edit/change the template or the layout of your blog page. Moreover w.bloggar is available for blogging on many blogging systems, e.g. Blogger, Movable Type, Nucleus, Blogworks XML, etc.. Wow!

Ha ha! ... that looked quite like a marketing effort on behalf of w.bloggar. Well... let me assure you... it wasn't! ... I'm just very impressed by it... that's all! :-)

So... back to the business of blogging...

Yesterday I had my second session with my dentist... and it lasted longer than the first one. Now I boast of a composite filling in one of my molars. It looks quite like the natural colour of the teeth and its difficult to make out that the tooth has been filled. But the process of filling, itself, was quite lengthy and complex. This composite filling forms a chemical bond with the tooth and that's how it stays in place. So, the existing temporary filling had to be extricated completely. Even this time, the drill and the probe caused no pain at all, prompting the dentist to remark, "You came to me for treatment just in the nick of time. If the caries had progressed a little further, it would have reached the nerve and then there would have been no way out of it other than getting a Root Canal done, and believe me that hurts!".
"Thank God!", I said and the dentist nodded saying, "Yes!... thank god!". Then, as I was lying, almost horizontal, on the reclined chair, she (the dentist) produced a an instrument that looked very much like a small hair dryer... with a thin glass tube sticking out of its front. I though that I would scream bloody murder if she put that thing in my mouth to work on my poor teeth! But all I did was to bunch up my eyebrows and show a frightened look in my eyes (I just couldn't scream since my mouth was full of a suction pump and a probe).
"Don't worry!... It's just a gun!", said the dentist, sweetly and matter-of-factly!
A gun!!?... Some more frightened expression in my eyes!... and the eyebrows... up and bunched together!
"Ahh!... don't worry! ... It's just a UV-gun. Ultra-violet light helps the filling to bond faster with the teeth and helps it dry faster", came the explanation. That relaxed me no end and I let the treatment continue till my tooth was filled and looked much... much better than it did a couple of weeks ago!

Well that's it about how Saturday went... Today, i.e. has been as relaxed and Sunday-like as it can get. I had been watching the final one-dayer between India and West Indies. But after the abject surrender by the Indians facing a huge total, I lost interest and instead read the newspaper. There are a couple of stories in it that caught my eye...

The venue of the Miss World pageant has been shifted to London after the mindless violence that took place in Nigeria, the original venue. How dumb can people get!!? 105 dead and over 500 injured in rioting over a beauty contest!... oh c'mon!!! :-/

Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra, the heiress-apparent to the legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty (ohh puhleeeze!) seems to be finally taking the long-awaited plunge into the murky world of politics. And how!! It seems she visited a police station in the high-profile Amethi constituency and forced the police officers there to file a FIR alleging that a BJP leader in the area had dismantled the house of a poor dalit named Shambhunath. "UP ki aandhi, Priyanka Gandhi", it seems is the latest buzzword in and around Amethi.

Theres good news for all the Tintin fans (which includes me!!). Steven Spielberg has decided to bring the young cartoon detective to life on the big screen. He is currently negotiating the rights to the character with the firm that owns them. Well, finally!! ... we will get to see Tintin on the silver screen... and who better to do it than Steven Spielberg!! :-)

On that happy note... I'll take your leave!...



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