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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Haunted House!

Have you felt spooked out lately?! ... If no, then let me do the honours! ... If you have indeed been spooked out lately, then I guess you wouldn't really mind getting spooked out once again! ... wot say?! ;)

Ok... I don't know if you've seen this already, but this really spooked me out ... honest!!
Try looking at this picture... i mean specifically at the door at the back of the room in the picture. concentrate really hard on the door for about a minute and I assure u that u will see the ghost! ... but u have to look at the door... and really try to concentrate on it... to the point where you block out everything else and all you can see is the door. And as I said... you should keep on looking for about a minute.

and one important thing is to open the picture in a browser... do not open it in any of the picture viewers like MS Photoeditor or ACDsee or something like that... it has to be opened in a browser!! ... this is important!

Ok ... so click here.

... enjoy getting spooked! ;-)



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