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Friday, September 06, 2002

A Toothy Tale

This toothache that I have is absolutely driving me nuts. It was just a gentle pain a couple of days back... but now it has grown into an intense throbbing that will just not go away!

Mummmmeeee!! ... I hate this pain!! ... coz it feels like a sledgehammer slamming on my tooth and the worst part about it is that the pain ripples through to the ear as well... aaahhhhhh!! I guess I'll have to start singing ... Pain Pain go away! ... not-so-little Sammy wants to play! ;-)

I must...really must see the dentist... and that too... SOON!! But first... I guess I'll have to search a good dentist near my home. Any suggestions?! ...well, Anya did suggest one... a Dr. Mayekar. But I dunno anything about him except his name. :-)

And I'm sure when I go to the dentist, he or she as the case may be! will suggest something drastic like Root Canal or something! ... But considering the size and depth of my cavities, I'm sure the dentist will have to take permission from the National Irrigation Bureau before the work begins on digging the Root Canal under my teeth! *LOL*

Anyways, I guess the visit to the dentist is possible only sometime next week!

Well, I nearly had to go to Pune tomorrow. I mean I was supposed to go... but it got cancelled. I mean my dad will still have to go, but not me! I'll be putting my feet up and spending the weekend lazing about in the house, doing nothing other than growing a heavy stubble and looking like a bum that, incidently, I am!. With the prospect of being able to watch the Indian batting (and especially the maestro, Sachin Tendulkar, in his 100th Test match), I'm pretty excited and sure do hope that the Indians do not let me down. The Englishmen have done exceedingly well on the first day by clobbering the Indian bowlers to all parts of the park. Now it is upto the Indian batsmen to repay the Englishmen in the same coin.

Richa has a new layout and I fell in love with it. Aerosmith rawwks!! ... yeah!... Grrrrrr8 work Richa!!

Mae also got herself a new layout and that too just 2 days after she had put up her old (well, it can't be called old if it has been up for just 2 days!)... And I like her layout too... simple and sweet!! :-)

Nirav just set up his blog site and seemed pretty excited about it!... My advice to him would be to stay away from table based layouts. Tables are so unwieldy and messy! ... Nirav, use CSS! :-)

... lots of stuff to blog about! But no time!! ... been busy! ... I just hope I get to blog during the weekend! But you people leave your comments, views, praises, curses, insults, etc. in the comments box or on the tagboard. All kinds of feedback is welcome!! ... but psssst I prefer positive feedback!! ;-) *LMAO*

Ok people... have to end my monologue now. You all have a great weekend!!



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