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Thursday, September 12, 2002

I'm a hazard to myself ... and others too!!

Why do I feel as if I've lived this life before?! ... I keep on getting this strong sense of déja vu time and again. Its almost as if there's some glitch in the Matrix!! *LOL*

... and this coffee that I'm having, sucks!! :-/

My mood during the day was really crappy. Well, not exactly foul... just crappy! I was chatting with Rochelle and she had to bear the full brunt of my mood!! ... poor girl!! I bored her to death with my pathetic attempts at humour. Boy!!! when I do that I really hit the rock bottom and start scratching to go even further below. I'm surprised that Rochelle didn't tear her hair out in frustration!! *LMAO*

Actually, I was working on something here in the office and that something was working halfway. I mean, I couldn't say that it wasn't working at all, but at the same time, it did not run as per plan. I was certain that it was due to some very very minute bug in the code or some miniscule problem in the way I had configured the system. And it was driving me nuts... not being able to find the exact cause of the glitch!!.

Finally, in the evening, without warning, and after about sixty seven zillion attempts at configuring the system correctly... the damned thing started working. That too without a warning and when I was least expecting it. I was tempted to jump up and run around yelling Eureka, Eureka!!. But then I realized that I was fully clothed and the prime requirement for shouting those words was that you have to be naked à la Archimedes!! So, I just smiled and let out a sigh!! ;-)

To make the long story short... I'm in a better mood now than I was during the entire day. :-)

Anyways... tomorrow, I'm supposed to accompany my parents to my aunt's place. They don't get Ganapati at their home, but they do have Gauri... and we'll be going there for the darshan. I'm not too excited at the idea of going, mainly because all my aunts will keep on fussing over me and pestering me with such silly questions as "When are you planning to get married?". Aaaaaahhhh!! ... I hate such questions!! ... Why don't they just let me be!!?

But on the brighter side, I get to meet my cousins... and thats the only redeeming aspect of tomorrow's visit! More importantly, I get to meet my niece who's just a year old. Well, she's damn cute!! ... and I feel happy when I can make her smile!!! :-)

Well ohh-kay! ... thats about it for now! ... I guess!


P.S.: (if ever there is such a thing as a Post Script to a blog!) ... Ok ppl, please do not be miserly when commenting. You can either comment on the tagboard or by clicking the comments link just below this line! :-)


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