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Monday, August 12, 2002

Last friday's blog said something about a presentation. Well, it went off smoothly... smoother than I expected it to! But the scary thing was I kept on seeing some slides for the first time when they are projected on the big screen, and then I had to make up some explanation for that slide. It was quite hilarious actually! Thank god, I managed to make it through te presentation unscathed!! *LOL*

The weekend was quite relaxed. In fact much too relaxed! I spent the evenings over the weekend trying to put together this layout. Otherwise it was absolutely laidback. I watched the cricket match on TV and the Indians disappointed (like they usually do!) :-(

Today was quite a nice day actually, considering the fact that it is Monday! ;-) ... I managed to get the new layout up and running. I managed to crack that Linux problem that was bugging me like hell for the last few days. I managed to get through the day without having anybody burst out laffing seeing my new haircut (I look pretty funny with the hair as they r 2de!). I also managed to stay awake through the entire day (something that I'm not known to be able achieve!) ;-)

Plus Indians are playing extremely well on the last day and are well on their way to save the Test match. They may or may not be able to do that... but it sure makes me feel good that they are at least fighting it out! Hope they save the match! ... Amen

By the way... its way past the time I usually leave for home. But today, I've to go to the airport to pick up Ashwini (my sis, if you've forgotten already!), whose coming back from Bangalore. The plane's scheduled to arrive at 22:20 IST. But given the great Indian tradition of never being on time... I'm not so sure about the arrival time.
So... thats it for the day. This is Sameer signing off from Mumbai for http://supersam5.blogspot.com. See you again tomorrow... bye!!

cheers!! ;-)


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