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Monday, August 12, 2002

New Layout's here! ... *LOL*
So, I finally managed to get some time over the weekend to change my layout. And here is the result!! ... *drumrolls and claps* ha ha ha!!
I picked up this layout (Eric Costello's design) from http://glish.com/css. So thanx mate! Anyways, I made a few changes in the layout by integrating all the supporting files into one big html file bcos like blogger does not allow webspace to upload any extra files. :D I really need to get my weblog hosted! ;)
Anyways, did you notice that this layout changes colours dynamically!! ... and whats more everytime you reload it... it loads with a different colour scheme. And, it also gives you an option to customize the page to your liking, by giving you some cutomization options (look in the control panel on the right of the page to find those customization options)
Sooo... that it for now! ... will be back later with today's blog!


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