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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Here are the answers and scores to the Supersam's Challenge

1. Why was Wg. Cdr. (retd.) S P Pendharkar in the news recently?
Ans: His daughter Dr. Vijeta Pendharkar is supposed to be marry Rahul Dravid.

2. In children's fiction, which character was created by Geppetto?
Ans: Geppetto created the most famous puppet of them all... Pinocchio.

3. Which is the first Indian courier company to have its own aviation facility?
Ans: Blue Dart

4. Which modern day country in the Middle East is the site of the world's earliest known civilization, the Sumerian civilization?
Ans: Iraq (Rohini says both Iraq and Iran. Logically speaking, I agree with her)

5. In cricket, a score of 111 is often referred to as 'Nelson'. Why so?
Ans: Lord Nelson had one eye, one arm and one leg. That's why. No points for only "one eye" answers. ;-)

6. Which song by the Rolling Stones was used as the theme song for the launch of Windows 95?
Ans: Start Me Up.

7. If you are a misocapnist, then what would you be allergic to?
Ans: Tobacco Smoke.

8. Which promotional character has Pepsi planned to revive in India during this summer?
Ans: Fido Dido, the promotional character for Pepsico's drink, 7UP.

9. In the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, an Indian game was demonstrated for the first time. Which game was it?
Ans: Kabaddi.

10. Complete this line, taken from a 20th Century Classic. “You can shoot all the blue jays you want if you can hit 'em, but remember it’s a sin __ ____ _ ___________."
Ans: To Kill a Mockingbird.

And now the scores!

Rohini - 7
Sarika - 8

So, that's it folks! The winner of this Supersam's Challenge is Sarika!! Congratulations! :-)


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